Is Deception ever Justified

There are many points of view on the justification of deception. Some argue that deception is never something that should be used, or accepted in society. People sometimes force themselves to tell the truth even in situations where it can cause more problems than a lie. This can be viewed as the right thing to do because the general norm in society is to always tell the truth. And even though on the outside we all say that we are honest and truthful people, deep down we all lie every now and then. Whether it be to get out of a sticky situation or to prevent an overall worse outcome. As human beings we tend to strive for perfection, and part of being perfect means we are honest. Honesty is something that everyone possesses, but it is not something that we all use in general.

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People should not strive for perfection because the truth is, none of us are perfect and none of us can ever be completely honest one hundred percent of the time. Some of us have to lie it’s part of our brain that just wants to do what is best for you and the people around you, whether it is telling the truth or a lie. Deception can be justified because it is the higher ethical choice for us to lie for the benefit of ourselves or others, and it can be highly beneficial to tell a lie than expose a harmful truth.

It is commonly the higher ethical choice for someone to stray from the truth to benefit themselves or others because most of the time the truth can mean bad things and as people we try to avoid those bad things. It can be said that it is wrong to lie just because you are trying to get yourself or others out of trouble. In some cases this is true, for example if someone commits a felony and truly deserves justice.

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