Juvenile Deliquency

How does juvenile delinquenct affects an individual education The investigator has discovered that juvenile delinquency effects on individual education in many ways majority of the respondents said that criminal record viewed possessed by a juvenile delinquent is viewed negatively when applying for a job or trying to go overseas because of delinquent activities the juvenile the juvenile caught doing by the law. Failure to achieve set goal is cause by juvenile hiding away from school to do delinquent activities. Another factor is that juvenile could be expel from school because of getting into fights, stealing and having arguments with teacher. When applying for a job is also another factor which juvenile delinquency may affects an individual’s education due to the fact that the juvenile as expel from school and didn’t get subject needed to qualify for the job.

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Common causese of juvenile delinquency
Having concluded on the deemed roots of juvenile delinquency the resident believed that poverty mostly causes juvenile delinquency in community x. This is because most parents in this community are unemployed and cannot feed their children, so out of hunger these children will go of the out way to do delinquent things just to have a meal. Neglect also causes juvenile delinquency reason being is that every juvenile needs love and attention. If a child is not getting attention they needs due to the fact that he/she is living in a single parent family, the child will seeks the easiest and quickest way to get attention. Thus this child might get attention from someone who is delinquent and this person might motivate the juvenile to do negative act, this was stated by the resident. Peer pressure was also indicated as a cause by the resident this is because every child do what they are motivated to do or what they see their peer is doing and things its good. A small amount of the respondents agrees that physical and mental is a cause. They said that every juvenile who is being abuse tend to react negatively to person in the society and have an hatred in their heart who tries to be nice to them.

Effective ways to reduce juvenile delinquency
There are many effective ways which could be used to reduce juvenile delinquency. A large percentage of the stated that juvenile needs more access to information because if they get more information the juvenile will know the penalties which they have to face after committing the delinquent act. Introducing more guidance is also another way to reduce juvenile delinquency because if the juvenile is guided in the right path they will not stray from it. Having seminar will help delinquent persons to learn certain values and attitude, and that if being delinquent they will only be poor contributors to the society. Parenting skill seminars will also help reduce juvenile delinquency because parent attends the seminars would be thought certain things like they must not be neglect full to their children which may leads to juvenile seeking attention and find it at the wrong place.

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