Kris Corporation Information Technology Proposal

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3 October 2015

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Kris Corporation Information Technology Proposal


Information Technology Proposal

            Kris Corporation is a prominent company that deal with manufacturing parts utilized by the automotive industry. The organization’s Active-Domain infrastructure comprises of two main domains. The parent domain is kris.local and the child domain is corp.kris.local. The AD infrastructure of the organization is running on Server 2008. The company has five branches located in five cities namely, Chicago (IL), Baltimore (MD), Atlanta (GA), Seattle (WA) and San Diego (CA). Its manufacturing plants are located in Seattle and Atlanta.

            Recently, the company has developed a number of concerns relating to its information system. First, the corporation is concerned about adopting multiple domains in its information systems. Secondly, some automobile manufacturing companies have approached the corporation and requested it to use a single identity in the process of procuring orders. Kris Corporation is also concerned with disaster recovery of its systems and physical space of servers especially at the Atlanta branch since it is the corporation’s headquarter. File sharing is also a big concern to the company since the locations are connected to the internet independently.

            This proposal focuses on identifying and analyzing various changes in the information technology department of the company and developing solution recommendations for information technology problems experienced by the company. The proposal will discuss various benefits the corporation will acquire from updating and changing the current information systems to the modern systems.

Active Directory

            Kris Corporation should adopt the new Windows Server 2012 in its information systems due to the following reasons. First, the server has the freedom to choose the interface. This means that by installing the Server Core it will prove security and performance advantage. In addition, it has a feature that allows one to switch it on or off. Secondly, the server manager is a multi-server making it easy to deploy features and roles to physical and virtual server. It also makes easy to merge servers that can be managed together hence, easing the administration of servers (Snover, 2012).

            Thirdly, Windows Server 2012 provides a Dynamic Access Control (DAC) which helps to create more centralized security models for access to the network. This is done by tagging the sensitive data both, manually and automatically on the basis of creator of the files and the content of the files. In addition, Windows Server 2012 have a large storage spaces, a new feature that allow the usage of inexpensive hard drives to create a storage which can be subdivided into spaces as those used on physical disk.

            Window Server 2012 also possesses Hyper –V Replica administrator which replicates their Hyper- Virtual machine from Hyper –v host at a primary site to another Hyper-V host at the replica site. This feature has the advantage of lowering the cost of ownership in an organization by providing workload –agonistic and storage- agonistic solution which replicates effectively, efficiently and periodically over IP-based network within or across different storage subsystems and across all sites. The major benefit of Hyper-V Replica is that virtual machine can easily replicate in distinct locations for higher protection and to ensure availability. Window server 2012 also possesses Direct Access, which works with IPv4 that do not require conversion of technologies and switching off the server that are running. Direct access version of 2012 server is easier to configure too.

            The window server 2012 has Remote Desktop Service that provides the ability to control and centralize the applications and data that the employees need t work on from variety of machines or devices making it easy to work anywhere as long as you access a device. It also supports that control and compliance are met strictly. Lastly windows server 2012 has a simplified licensing. Microsoft have worked on the complexity involves in finding the right edition and cost. Window server 2012 has only four editions; datacenter standard essential and the foundation. These editions are licensed as per number of user for the instance foundation is licensed for 15 while essential 25. Adoption and acquiring of the server depends on the size of the company and then moving ahead buying the right edition. For the case of the Kris Company, the ideal edition is Window Server 2012 R2 Essential which is the best for cloud-connected first server.

            The Domain model that a company uses determine its effectiveness and affects its performance. In the selection of the appropriate domain model to use, the company should consider a number of factors that may affect the selected Domain model. First, the company must consider the amount of the capacity available on the network allocated to Active Directory Domain service. The company should choose a model with maximum efficiency in replicating information with mild effects on the network bandwidth. Secondly, the company must consider the number of users. A company should use more than one domain where the number of users is large.

            The corporation should migrate to a single domain and abandon the multi-domain model. The single domain is the simplest domain design that a company can use effectively. Unlike in other domain designs, there is replication of all information to all domain controllers. Secondly, single domain design minimizes the number of deployed domains in the forest. Minimizing the number of domains reduces the complexity of the application. Consequently, the total cost of ownership is reduced. Any domain controller in the single domain model can effectively authenticate a domain user in the forest. In the single domain model, all domain controllers in a company’s system can be developed to be global catalogs. This will enable the corporation to use the single identity in order procurement processes from automobile manufacturers. Lastly, the corporation should deploy the single domain model since all data can be replicated to all its geographical locations hosting domain controllers (Windows Server, 2015).

            Single sign-on is a part of the modern technology where users use locally logged on credentials when connecting to hosted desktops and Remote Apps. The technology that provides the single sign-on is Windows Server 2012. Windows Server 2012 enables users to log in without using multiple certificates and without any prompts in credentials. It is much easier to configure single sign-on (SSO) into the Windows Server 2012 than in other servers. The administrator needs to enter the qualified domain name with a prefix “TERMSRV” to the server data of the Credentials Delegation Group Policy setting. The Single Sign-On can also be configured by adding the Remote Desktop Gateway (RD Gateway). Thirdly, the Single Sign-On can be configured using the command line. Click “Start”, then click “Run” and type “cmd”. Open the Enterprise Single Sign-On directory for installation and type “ssomanage-enablesso” to enable the SSO (Termserv, 2012).


            A DNS server is any computer that is allowed to join the DNS. The server is responsible for running a special purpose networking software. The DNS server should reside in Seattle. Although Atlanta is the corporation’s headquarter, the location has limited space and a large number of staffs. The corporation should ensure that the DNS server reside in Seattle where there is adequate space. Secondly, there are manufacturing plants in Seattle thus it is appropriate to set up the DNS server. The IT staff should be relocated to Seattle for effective management of DNS server and IT systems.

            DNS is one of the important components in any networking system. Therefore, it is important to secure the DNS from attackers and other risks. There are a number of risks that may attack the DNS. These include DNS cache poisoning, distributed denial of service (DDoS), denial of service, reflected attacks, fast flux and reflective amplification DoS. There are various DNS security techniques and procedure that are used to protect the DNS servers. First, a latest and updated DNS server and software versions should be used. For instance, Windows Server 2012 provides more DNS protection than other servers. The Windows Server 2012 prevents attacks using security loopholes. Secondly, a freeware such as ZoneCheck can be used to check the configuration and monitor external networks. Deploying a DNS security (DNSSEC) protocol based is also a viable solution to DNS security. A DNSSEC reduces the risk of DNS cache poisoning and other DNS attacks.


            Dynamic Host configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a server or client protocol that automatically provides an internet protocol host with IP address. The purpose of using DHCP in window server 2012 is that it reduces the administrative tasks and the configuring the host network complexity such as, private intranet. DHCP automates the process of configuring the IP and TCP of the client.

            DHCP offer support on DNS registration enhancements. This means that one can use HDCP policies to configure conditions on qualified domain name of DHCP client and also register workgroup computer as a guest DNS suffix. DHCP also support PowerShell DHCP server which is the task oriented for DHCP server management. Window PowerShell uses object pipelining to ease the need for parsing and alteration of test output. This window PowerShell for DHCP has got 103 cmdlets which cover multiple aspects of DHCP server configuration and management.

            Another role of DHCP is to introduce a new policy based on IP address assignment feature. This allows the administrator to group DHCP client by specific tasks on fields and boost the administrator control over configuration parameters brought forth to the network device. DHCP policy enables flexibility while dealing with multiple device types, multiple roles, and virtualization. Consequently, it is important to Kris Company to consider DHCP for management of various task and device for easier access and to avoid duplication of tasks hence, lower cost of administration.

            The tracking of DHCP is done using IPAM (IP Address Management) that enable IP tracking through correlation of DHCP lease happenings on managed DHCP servers with user and computer authentication happening or events on managed domain controller. The IP address tracking by use of IPAM occur using the following parameters; tracking by IP address (IPV4), tracking by hostname, tracking by username, and tracking by client ID (TechNet, 2015).


            Hyper- V is an interesting feature in Windows servers. Consultants and system integrators say that hyper-v is a promising and effective virtualization platform. The features have both advantages and disadvantages. Hyper-V is an incorporative and important feature to clients using the Windows Server 2008 or 2012. Clients save on licensing costs while using hyper- v rather than other virtualization platforms. Secondly, Microsoft provides better support for the server application running on Hyper-V as opposed to other virtualization platforms. Hyper- V provides an option of consolidating multiple physical servers into comparatively fewer servers. Machines running the Hyper-V platforms are more effective and faster as compared to machines running other virtualization platforms. Therefore, Hyper- V is effective and fast.

            Hyper – V improves utilization and access to key resources such as networking, disk, and video when running guest operation systems. It is easier to deploy and manage the Hyper-V application than other virtualization platforms. However, the application is only limited to only 64 bit systems using the Windows Servers. Therefore, users with other systems such as Linux cannot use it. Secondly, the platform may be compatible with some devices using Windows Servers 2008, and others may not be incompatible. Therefore, a test for compatibility is necessary to devices. Hyper- V does not require clustering because it is a cluster aware application, and Windows Server 2008 provides a host clustering support for Hyper – V virtualized made machines.

            Kris Corporation can leverage various features of Hyper-V. First, Hyper-V has Access Control through authorization manager that will enable the corporation to create custom roles to allocate or delegate activities within Hyper- V. The corporation will also benefit from improved VM performance provided Hyper-V. The application also has guest OS support where it supports both 64-bit and 32-bit virtual machines operating on different operating systems. Large number of users in the corporation can utilize the application since it supports a large number of users. The application provides support for virtual networking for systems in different locations thus enabling users within the corporation to communicate easily.


            The Kris Corporation can improve its networking by practicing transparent caching on the client computer for shared folder and reducing the duration required for accessing files. This involves protocol enhancement that do away with multiple and redundant network operations when saving or opening folders. Secondly, the corporation should carry out background synchronization capabilities for offline file, reduce management overhead and supporting the end-user experience (Windows, 2015).

            In conclusion, the Kris Corporation should migrate to 2012 AD since the server provides better services to its activities than the Windows Server 2008. The 2012 AD is faster, safer and incorporates more systems than the 2008 AD. The corporation should also migrate to the single domain. The single domain enables users in different geographic locations to receive the same information and be connected with each other. Single domain will enable the corporation to have a single identity in procuring orders from automotive manufacturing companies. The single sign-on can be effectively provided by the Windows Server 2012.

            The DNS server of should reside in Seattle because it has adequate space and a manufacturing plant is located in Seattle. The IT staff located in Atlanta should be relocated to Seattle to effective manage the DNS server and manage the corporation’s IT systems. These staffs will also allow other staff to work effectively in Atlanta. The DHCP fault tolerance in the corporation will be implemented to improve tracking of IP address automatically. The DHCP addresses can be tracked by username, ID, and IP. Implanting Hyper-V will enable the Kris Corporation to have effective virtual connectivity among users in different locations. Lastly, the corporation can improve networking capabilities of security and file sharing through transparent caching and reducing time.


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