Kyoto Protocol

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19 April 2016

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1) Why did the Kyoto protocol take so long to be put into practice? The Kyoto protocol took so long due to the fact that some countries did not sign the “treaty” and other countries were getting more nervous because it isn’t that easy to sign the order of the Kyoto Protocol because that would lead to large economic changes for every country which signed.

2) What was the target for a reduction in greenhouse emissions? The target for the reduction in greenhouse emissions of greenhouse gases was to only be 5.2%. The USA had the chance to sign it but only for 7% due to the point that they are 1 of the countries which produces most of the CO2. (The more the USA has to reduce the more they help our planet.)

3) Why where India and China not obliged to reduce any greenhouse emission? India and china are not obliged to reduce any greenhouse emissions due to that they are both growing countries. At that time they had a very low greenhouse gas emission and they weren’t seen as the main culprits for emissions during the period of industrialization thought to be the cause for the global warming of today.

4) Do you think it has been a wise decision to not enforce China and India to reduce emissions? Why? Although China and India are growing (developing) countries, in my opinion, it was not a very wise decision. All countries are still equal and they must be followed by the same rules as in that they have to carry the same out like any other ones. China’s power is mostly led by coal plants, and that is bad for the planet.

5) Why did Australia and USA not ratify the Kyoto agreement? Most countries in the world have signed the Kyoto Protocol; it is referred as a token of gesture of support. Australia was allowed an 8% increase in emissions, but still Australia refused to ratify the agreement until a change in government in late 2007. Their reasoning why they did not want to sign it was because it would have been very bad for Australia’s economy and the same reasoning has been used in the USA. (The USA has been more selfish and did not care
about other countries it only cares about itself and how it is doing.)

6) Has the Kyoto Protocol been a success?
The answer to this question can vary between people because in some views it is really good and some people say that its bad. In a way it is good because countries are trying to cut down on greenhouse gasses but still CO2 levels in the atmosphere are still rising at a high rate with no sign of slowing down. Global temperatures are continuing to rise. Without the USA ratifying to the protocol or emerging economic powers such as China there will be no big change unless they reduce emissions drastically! The action for the future is still now required!

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