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Today nuclear power as an efficient and low consumption energy has been used widely, however, nuclear energy has potential and serious problems which people can not control. First off all, what is the nuclear? Many countries use nuclear energy to generate electricity. “Unclear is the energy stored in the center or the nucleus of an atom. After we bombard the nucleus into two parts, two different elements are formed along with the emission of high energy. The process generally followed is called fission.

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Fission is the chain reaction which needs uranium-235.”(“Fission and fusion”)The nuclear energy is considered as the worthiest alternative resource of energy after fossil fuels, but it also has a lot of potential problems.”(“Nuclear Energy”) As everyone knows, nuclear energy can release nuclear radiation which can kill human’s cells and serious radiation can cause death. Furthermore, radiation can result in genetic variation. Radiation also has nuclear residue. It is hard to clear, may be more than 50 years can disappear. Such as Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, now is a ghost town, no one can live in there because of the radiation residue. In addition, nuclear reaction can generate radioactive waste.

These wastes are very dangerous, and have very high radiation. Moreover, radioactive waste is hard to recycle and store. Radioactive waste are usually buried in the deep ground or seabed. Not only such, these wastes are hard to degrade. For example, uranium-235 needs 7 hundred million years to degrade. Last but not the least; nuclear power is hard to control when the accident happen. On the one hand, nuclear leakage, the highly radioactive material leaked. The radioactive material release to the air, soil and water, and attached to food. When people touch or eat these material, will have high rate get cancer. One the other hand, nuclear proliferation, radioactive dust will follow the wind to spread to the entire region. For example, the accident of Fukushima Nuclear Power Station has affected whole area include china and Korea. In conclusion, various nuclear energy problems are undergoing in developed as well as developing countries. We can not prevent but we have to say “please use nuclear energy cautiously, securely and responsibly.”

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