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“Language Barrier”
Communication traditionally plays an extremely important part in the life of people. Nowadays, the importance of effective communication has increase consistently due to the progress of technologies and rapid development of international cooperation. The issue of language barriers is particularly critical during intercultural service encounters. Intercultural service encounters, where the customer and the service provider are from different cultures, is very common in the service sector. We had our social experiment outside the campus and it’s about language barrier. But first of all what is a language barrier? Language barrier is a figurative phrase used primarily to indicate the difficulties faced when people who have no language in common attempt to communicate with each other. It may also be used in other contexts. Typically, little communication occurs unless one or both parties learns a new language, which requires an investment of much time and effort. People travelling abroad often encounter a language barrier. People who come to a new country at an adult age, when language learning is a cumbersome process, can have particular difficulty “overcoming the language barrier”. Similar difficulties occur at multinational meetings, where translation services can be costly, hard to obtain, and prone to error.

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On our social experiment, we had to buy something at a nearby market place and we ought to use different language and try to negotiate with them . We decided to use English. First we bought some Rambutan. One of our groupmates volunteered to do it. At first, the vendor was a bit confuse about what was he was saying. In the end the vendor use sign language in order to understand. Since we need to buy a product in very low price, it became so hard for us to negotiate with them. They tend to refuse our offer because we requested a 20% discount with their product. But in the end, they accept our offer. The situation is same when we also bought some “Santol”. The price of their “santol” is very cheap so we received a low discount from them. As a conclusion, we pointed out language barrier as the main reason for stress. Vendors mentioned that the difficulties in expressing themselves or understanding what the servers were saying were the main problems. Due to such obstacles, they blame themselves for the problems they encounter unless the service failure was severe and obvious. Rambutan

List Price: ₱50.00 (per kilo) ₱12.00 (per kilo) Discount: ₱10.00 ₱2.00
Invoice Price: ₱40.00 ₱10.00

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