Language skill is essential tool in the job market

Language skill is essential tool in the job market. Being able to speak a prefect english language is a skill that a person have over other graduates and being able to boost up the chances of getting the job. English language proficiency works as a determination of people’s opportunity to get a job. Hence it can be concluded that a persons ability and perseverance of a language plays an important and vital role in future employment. A person must have the ability to convey their ideas with a good english and to achieve it a daily practice of the language will give a better result. A better understanding of the language will secure a place for a better job. The characters in both articles teaches that we can improved the language skill if we try to our best. If we got enough self-motivation, it is possible brush up our language skills in our spare time. There are plenty ways to practice and improve the english language skill and one of it is through learning new words from dictionary. Other than that, Amy tan in her article “Mother Tongue” celebrates the fact that she did not follow the expectations that people had of her because her maths are better than her english and of her struggle with writing and language. Its shows that self-determination contributes to the success.

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I agree with you that it is essential that we properly understand the role that English plays and will play in our daily life. For many jobs, communication skills in English are in increasing demand. English is becoming a basic requirement for a job. Importance of the English language in the workplace continues to be a top concern among employers. A person who are more competent, fluent and impressive in speaking in English than other graduates have better opportunities in the job market. Every employee faces interview before getting a job. If that person is not suitable for the respective job in terms of English language, the chances of getting the job will be low.Hence, a good english language skill is important to secure a better job. The characters of both articles also says that we can learn and improve English language if we have a self-motivation and improve our daily communication. We can started with a simple English and improve it day by day .

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