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In the entertainment industry, football is America’s choice of sport. Not only does it drive fans crazy just watching it, but a game that brings really serious injuries to players but yet, generates billions of dollars during the season. Football consists of a team of talented, skilled individuals that display strength, power and speed to play the game. Without these traits, a player will certainly be a failure to the game and the team. It is a very rough form of entertainment that we all love to watch with our families and friends. It is rather ironic that although we do not promote players to hurt each other; in the game of football, we seem to send the opposite message that it’s alright to get hurt, nonetheless, a sport where players understand that in order to stand out amongst other players, the harder they exert effort into the game also increases their risk of sustaining unpredictable injuries. Hiring prospective players is not an easy task.

It involves copious amount of time tracking, observing and careful scouting of candidates for consideration. National Football League (NFL) teams make decisions on drafting players from various colleges and consider questions like whether a candidate is willing to spend a number of years physically beat up and willingly put up with the severity of the game. Can they endure enough punishment for the love of the game? Recent hiring history has shown that hiring management has been an 82% failure due to poor interviewing tactics (Gallup’s Why Great Managers Are So Rare). Gallup considers great managers who motivate each employee who has a mission and a vision, an assertive character that drive outcomes and an ability to overcome resistance and adversity. They are very accountable and build relationships that have full transparency, open dialogue and trust.

Lastly, their decisions are based not on politics but productivity. For a NFL team to be successful in the entertainment world, the team must have Core Values and Purpose. A prospective candidate for the team must be interviewed and asked if they agree with the company’s Core Purpose or Mission. This strategy will certainly tell if the candidate is a good fit for the team’s culture. If they don’t (Core Purpose/Mission or Core Values), then they don’t possess a good long term fit for the team. According to the 3 Dimensions of Purpose by Brian Sooy, a Purpose declares intent. It provides perspectives and is strategic. The chart below, popularized by John Welsh from GE has created a method of evaluation for their employees seeking to have “A” players at GE. ( See chart below)

This matrix, also referred to as a talent review can and may be a good tool for NFL managers to use in determining the best candidates for the team. Another form of selecting the best candidates is through the use of a system referred to as “Topgrading”, a system that reduces time reviewing candidates. This system not only increases professionalism, but sets up a website where applicants can answer questions and get the information about the candidate.

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