Leadership style

The most successful leaders are those that have strong communication and interpersonal skills and fearless in bring about organization growth. Leadership means you have the ability to obtain followers by earning; loyalty, admiration, trust, respect, demonstrates courage and integrity, most important have a vision that is obtainable and vivid to others. Elevating and transcend people to a higher level of thinking brings about strong organizational infrastructure. This paper will review a historical leader and how he moved this country forward in a time of unrest. Dr. Martin Luther Jr was a transformational leader, not only in the African American community but all over the world.

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Leadership Style

Dr. King had a vision that he was commitment to that transformed this country in a positive manner and changed people ways of thinking. Transformational leadership is a style of leading people by motivating, and transcending ones thinking to a great level, in addition his behaviors demonstrated his personal beliefs, courage, and away of inspiring others to reach goals and see themselves in a greater place.

Successful Leader

Dr. King was a great communicator along with being an active listener, not to mention he was able to articulate a vision and mission that could be attain, also emphasizing risks, challenges and his willingness to lead his follower by example in hopes of reaching goals together as a country. His inspirational speeches appealed to millions of people at every walk of life: rich and poor, black and white, as well as people in other countries. In being a great leader, he was able to being about racial equality and civil rights for humanity. He also received the Nobel Peace Prizes and his great leadership brought about a national holiday as part of his legacy.


In perusing my degree, I understand the important of having strong leadership skills but also realizing the important of being people focused, as well. In completing the leadership assessment test, I was able to identify areas in which to work on, such as stimulating my team to establish an ongoing process to evaluate work progress, encourage develop of mechanisms of support and socialization which I need to research a little more for clarity. My score was high which identify to me the fundamental skills are present, but more development is needed. Out of all the leadership style that was looked at I would be a great transformational style of leader, because of the ability to influences, stimulate once intellect, and last bring about confidence in others. It is in my DNA I am a people person, granted leadership requires a level of authority, however, pointing out the fact that incorporating my strong communication and interpersonal skills will allow me to hear the needs of others, understanding the culture of the organization, yet encourage creativity, create an environment of positive outcomes and empower others to grow.

Dr. King communicated nonviolence, showed humility, and not threaten to mentor other good leader to be better, clearly Dr. King accomplished historical goals because he was able to illustrate great leadership skills. Dr. King also believed in listening for others concerns and rights to undertake ways of bring positive outcomes through addressing the government, being jailed, and implementing marches, he did not except the status quo, but he seen a great future for this country. According to (McDonough, 2010) “Transformational leadership reevaluates organizational vision, values and mission. It renews a commitment to restructure systems to accomplish goals through building strong relationships couple with intellectual stimulation and individualized consideration.” I believe these characteristics are those that will allow me to become an effective leader.

In my research, a term idealized influence came up this is a trait that is very important in leadership and one I would have to acquire and develop through experience. The traits includes having a strong ability to articulate visions and strategies to obtain goals, in addition, display confident and be optimistic in redirecting an organization into the future. I will surrounding myself with strong team players that will embraces my visions and team methodology, more importantly always be able to see the big picture and look over the horizon for new ways to implement processes for quality services delivery.

In summary, I understand the important of education, but more important recognizes my strengths and weakness as a leader and working to improve skills, also adopt a leadership style that fits my character, for this reason, leading should become a way of life and continual practices. Dr. King live to lead that’s what made him a great and accomplish leader that change this country.

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