Legal Actiobn toys vs Amazon

1. Based on my research and also from reading the case for each conpany;s arguments that Toys “R” Us felt that there was a breach of contract because of took on another party to sell toys and Toys “R” Us felt that they were sole third party for this. They felt like the contract was breach also because did not follow the agreement. But felt that Toys “R” Us breach contract because they could not keep up with the demand of supplies and the levels of the demand. They felt this because Toys “R” Us could not keep products in stocks especially during the holidays. The judge ruling saying that both parties breach the agreement and saying that neither parties will get nothing is adqueate. In mhy opinion, I would have also terminate the agreement and not award any damages to either party because I feel that they both the agreement and they both were wrong.

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2. I feel the outline for the advantages and disadvantages that would have considered before making any agreement with Toys “R” Us would be they would have checked to see if they can keep up with the demand of the customers and to make sure that they can have all the products in stock as well. I believe that an advantage was that Toys R” Us knew a lot about the Toy Marketing and what customers wanted. I also think that another advantage would be that was getting a percentage of the sales. I do feel that if had any doubts that they should have waited and done more research into Toys “R” Us. I also think that was confident and did not have any problems with going into an agreement with them, but if they knew that they were considering other Merchantss, that should have let Toys “R” Us know before signing agreement, so they could work a better deal with them.

3. Some recommendations that I would have made to that would have benefited both companies would be is that they should have looked at the sales that was coming in. I also would have also told them that they did to evaluate what Toys “R” Us would have lost as well not just them. I would have have agreed to half what was able asked instead of what they pay. I would have also said maybe we can give it another shot and see what Toys “R” Us wanted when it comes to other merchants that was selling toys as well. They probably could have come up with a better agreement. Maybe include that they could have gotten a better deal with working along side with the other merchants and maybe the profits would have been better.

4. I would have kept it going because since was highly successful shoe retailer. It could have benefited a lot. This way that it could have brought money that was being lost when the agreement was terminated with Toys “R” Us. I would have kept the form becaise it was well thought out and it was doing so well. could have done a lot with Zappos and that it could have brought more customers and that it could have been a huge profit in. I know for me if I would have brought Zappos that I would have made sure that Zappos would stay running and that my customers would know that there was a place for them to shop at to get shoes from. I also feel that it could have benefit from could have showed the person or persons who was running it ways to better it, if felt that the form was not good. This would have been good for both.

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