Legislative Branch

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24 February 2016

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There are many important parts in the process of the legislative branch. The legislative branch creates laws, and during that process many things must happen. The bill must pass majority votes for the House, the Senate and then the President must sign the bill into law. If the President vetoes it, the Senate can override it. The legislative branch is very complex but important to our country’s government. The most important step of the legislative branch is when a bill becomes a law. The very intricate course that the bill takes is what legislation is all about. Since not all bills become laws, it is important that they pass majority of votes in the House and Senate. If it does not pass, the bill is destroyed and will have to start the editing journey over again. It is for this reason that the process of a bill becoming a law is a crucial step in the legislative process.

The Senate’s ability to override is another very important aspect to the legislative branch. The Senate displays a very equal disbursement of each state in a fair manner, two per state. If the President vetoes a law, the Senate has the power to override it. This is very important because it assures voices from every state to be heard, rather than just the President’s. It also gives the bill another chance to become a law. The power of the Senate plays a huge role in the legislative branch.

The legislative branch is the most important branch of government. It has a very elaborate process in which a bill must go through. Some aspects are more substantial than others. When a bill officially becomes a law is essential, as well as the Senate’s qualification to override the President’s decision. The complexity of the legislative lawmaking process does not undermine the importance of each step taken to create the law.

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