Letter of Recommendation

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27 April 2016

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Very rarely people in teaching profession like me come across a student like gulshan Ramesh. This has been penned down by me to make it very concrete that Mr. Gulshan Ramesh is a very unique and exceptional character in the student community. My relationship with this particular student started when I handled a course on machine drawing for his batch of students. Moreover, Mr. Gulshan was under my guidance for a year fro improving his overall personality. All of this has given me enough opportunity to observe him very closely. My observations have been listed below for your reference.

Mr. Gulshan is blessed with the positive attitude due to which he has always excelled in academic activity and otherwise

This student is highly disciplined, sincere and has pleasing manners.

Constantly Mr. Gulshan has maintained a high grades in academic. I’ll rate him in the top 5% amongst approximately 70 students in the class.

Intellectual independence:
Mr. Gulshan has the capability to complete assigned tasks with minimum guidance that makes him intellectually independent.

This student is good both in oral and written communication. He has the capability to put across ideas very clearly both orally and in written form.

In team tasks, this student has always emerged as a team leader because of his sincerity and overall multifaceted personality.

Computer literacy:
Mr. Gulshan is well versed with the following auto cad, pro e

Creativity, individuality and hard work have been the style of this student that has always made him to shine. Mr. Gulshan will be an apt student to undergo a graduate program. I enthusiastically recommend Mr. Gulshan for the graduate program he has applied for in your university with full financial aid.

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