First of all ‘MARS’ is a planet which is normally refer to as the earth’s twins, why? Because it has the same features of surface reminiscent both on the impact craters of the moon the volcanoes, valleys. The writer of this novel’ life on mars’ made us to understand that he is a Martian who left him home to pass down a message of what I call salvation or redemption to the people of earth. The writer made it clear that mars is a planet ruled by LOVE, with love among them problems like misunderstanding, or internal dissension does not exist among its people unlike the dwellers of earth. He also mentioned that we earthlings are not only false ideals of radical, sociological and religious distinctions a bar to our spiritual and material progress, but also in terms of political and economical falsities which would lead to our destruction if we do not retrace our steps back to the pathway pointed out by Christ the master and accept LOVE. Economy in mars is a virtue long cultivated on the planet mars as pointed out by the writer. While us on earth we have no respect for nature and its gifts as we carry on with the destruction of forest, depletion of our coal beds and crude oil deposits and he said the reason for this is greed and the lust for material things which would lead to the ultimate destruction of our planet earth.

As a result of these material lust habitants on the planet earth has suffered disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis floods, which the writer claims is unknown to them in mars. He also stated in the last paragraph of chapter four that the people of mars has no worries in their mind which is in accordance with Christ message ‘’seek ye first the kingdom of GOD and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added on to you( matt6:33). In chapter V the writer pointed out the way material things in mars are been classified as and compared it to the way we earthlings also value these material things. In mars material things has no value as the Martians believes that all property belongs to God and no being in the universe should claim it for his or herself, but man has developed a social habit of stamping lands, claiming seas, love of money, and other material things instead of fighting for the riches of the heavens and wealth the father (Christ) has kept for them in his home above. The millions of Martians lived as one family. It is this solidarity, this filial consideration that one holds for the other that has made the stupendous and gigantic public works on mars. It has been made clear that the Martians do not in any way look down on anybody on their planet; none is richer than the other, they all share the same common wealth compare to that of the earthlings.

Another social view of the Martians way of life is there religious believe. All Martians accepts Christ as the as there saviour and is been taught about him right from their infant stage. The Martians has no church system and no ecclesiastical hierarchy, all Martians recognised and worship one God which is the eternal father. While us earthlings out of greedy and selfishness for our own interest and glory broke out of the faith and teachings of Christ which is love. Love is the centre of all good things as taught by Christ when he came to our earth 2,000 years ago. And because the Martians have accepted these things crime has been totally erase from their planet. Mars has no political system; since there is love among them love rules them, unlike us on earth that cannot live and prosper without the aid and guidance of a complex administrative system. As quoted by the Maritain ‘’ WHERE THERE IS NO SIN THERE IS NO NEED OF LAWS; FOR THE RIGHTOUS MAN IS A LAW UNTO HIMSELF. In chapter X this book tells us that mars is generally ruled by love. Mars has a religion which can be expressed in two thoughts: ‘’LOVE’’ and THY WILL BE DONE, NOT MINE’’.

While we on Earth, have created a religion to satisfy our conventionalities and because we refuse to accept the common truth which is there is only one true GOD we cannot advance to a higher stage. The Martian system of education as stated by the writer is far better than we on earth. Their education starts from the mother’s knee and the very first thing taught is how to acquire the spiritual knowledge to the Martians GOD comes first, THE HOME IS THE PRIMARY SCHOOL, JUST AS A PHSICAL EXSITANCE ON A PLANET IS THE KINDERGATEN OF A NEVER –ENDING LIFE .THE PARENT ARE THEW FIRST TEACHERS in mars. We on earth look at school in a different point; in our society school is more less a prison for children why? Because knowledge is not been taught but is been forced by the teachers in terms of using grades to rank the children thereby making some superior to the other in class. The task of a teacher is not to teach knowledge but to help in bringing out what is already latent in the soul; such is the Martian way of teaching.

In conclusion, the writer has mentioned things like greediness, selfishness, lust for material things, failure to accept the truth, hatred, as things which we earthlings possess in our society and it has been our way of life and unless we accept love among each other destruction awaits our world. The writer has mentioned earlier that he has not come to condemn us or to act as a superior but to show us how to seek redemption and come back with Christ in peace and harmony as it has once been in the years of our first father and mother on earth, ( ADAM AND EVE) before sin separated us. The announced that the only way out is LOVE which is the greatest of all things. And with love there would be no crime and for us to seek this great love we have to repent and ask for forgiveness from the heavenly father. He went as far as boasting with his home planet and this they have achieved so far by accepting Christ and his love, without this earth is doomed and there is no other way to escaped from the destruction that awaits us. This was his vision of making an ideal society. LOVE RULES AND ACCORDING TO THE TEACHING OF CHRIST, GOD IS LOVE. (THEOPHLIUS)

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