Listening skills

Some of the commonly believed myths about communication are that “we communicate only when we want to, words mean the same to me and you, the best communication is a one way message.” Some effective barriers to communication are distractions, differences in background, emotions, stress, prejudice, personality differences, all of these have an effect on communication. The three essential parts of effective speaking are getting your listener’s attention, obtain the listeners interest, communicate your purpose for speaking.

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It is imperative to improve your listening skills because it is an essential trait to have in the business field. Half of your time is spent listening to employees, listening to instructions, and also listening to what guest want. You can improve your listening just like improving anything else listening may be the most important skill to success.

One is always improving on their listening skills.
Workplace civility is important because you need a peaceful environment not everyone jumping at each other’s throat or making fun of each other. Also you need somewhere that you feel comfortable at somewhere that you actually want to go if you are afraid to go to work than most people won’t go. The boss should deal with it if he hears that employees are making fun of each other or harassing each other and not just sit back Personally I never dealt with workplace civility because I only deal with kids and their parents but I had friends who had dealt with it that had workers make fun of them or would say stuff about the way they did stuff. If this happen if I was manager I would take the employee aside and say that I’m the only one that gets to tell someone I don’t like what they’re doing not them. Also be a good role model for good manners. If the boss is rough and mean, then everyone else has an excuse for also being rough and mean. If the boss is polite and encouraging, everyone else will likely follow in the boss’ footsteps. Teach civility to everyone in the workplace. Offer training on good manners and ways to show respect to colleagues.

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