Little Krishna Movie Analysis

Movie Analysis:
Little Krishna
5000 years ago, Little Krishna came to the beautiful land of Vrindavan and spent his childhood years in this neighbourhood whom its inhabitants fell in love with him. Along with them Little Krishna lefts his enchantments with the peaceful and tranquil lands of Vrindavan, whom he had shared his life with his wondrous feats.

A Nourishment of Deceit
Little Krishna faves yogurt and butter, especially made by her mother, Yashoda, and sometimes sneaks with his elder brother, Balaram. They often play in the village that always put a smile on the people’s faces instead of being scolded of their mischievous acts they often get away with it. One time while he and his brother where playing in the sand, Little Krishna ate dirt. With Balaram being the elder one, he knows he will be responsible if something wrong happens to Little Krishna, so he brought him to their mother and tell him it will not be his fault. To confirm if bBalaram was telling the truth, Yashoda let Little Krishna open his mouth, what shock and amazement was felt by Yashoda of what she had witnessed. Inside Little Krishna’s mouth she saw the whole universe, the galaxy, the planets. Nanda reaffirmed what Yashoda had witnessed because he believes Little Krishna is different, he is gifted of great thing they do not know. Over the lands of Vrindavan an evil king dwelt to threatened the land, as said in a prophecy of which an angel of death, Little Krishna will came to end his reign and become the saviour of the land. His death will be the new life of Vrindavan.

Of his frustrations of finding this angel of death, he look for demons whom he can help him kill this angel of death. He then desired to seek the help of the female demon with the powers in torturing and getting one’s soul, Putana. With his strong desire to find his so called angel of death, he ordered Putana to kill every child born in the last 10 days. Putana then absorbs the venom of the snakes and put it in his breast. To disguise her snakeful ugliness she transformed and changed into a beautiful lady because. She taught that if the villagers see her as the snake demon the place will be in rage and threatened. With ever deceitful beauty, many think of her as the goddess of the tree world, and with that she said she was a heavenly being the if her milk was drink by Krishna it will have an immortal life.

With that she went to Krishna’s home with the attempt to nourish Little Krishna with the snake’s venom on her breast. When Putana saw Krishna for the first time, he saw great powers from the child, so great that it is immeasurable and can destroy the whole universe. Putana’s instinct to be careful and carry out her purpose. But alas, Putana failed to be successful with her plans, Little Krishna was too powerful to be defeated by the snake demon, with the great power Little Krishna possess. When Putana had let Little Krishna suck in her breast she was shocked for Little Krishna was sucking her life out of her body. When Putana’s life was in danger, her body transformed back to its original form, the gigantic witch, running furiously to save her life. With that destroyed parts of the land and eventually died but Little Krishna survived.

The nature of war as predetermined in the Bhagavad Gita is seen by greed for power and supremacy. King Kamsa’s strong desire of this made him overpowering and much controlling. Wih wickedness and cruelty to the people of Vrandawva is a sign of his undying love for material things. Material connection to this world is what makes us look life in a different and complex manner. Materialism as said in the Bhagavad Gita just suffices what our desires but not our inner self’s needs. The world we live in divides the way we believe in things. Reality versus materialism, love or lust, needs and wants. The Gita says that our body and soul are two different entities. When we die, only our body dies but our soul continues to live and begins a new life with another body. The elements that form the body and life return to nature after death and again form another body, another life. One can best perform his duties if not attached to pleasure of things but to pleasure of God. Measure of Worship

Indra was the demigod of rain, that he himself described him as the key to the villagers, especially Vrindava, to its prosperity. He grants rain to those who performs sacrifices to offer gratitude to him. Indra’s overpowering made himself think of him in the level of superiority as that of Lord Vishnu, he take no orders according to him. Every year the people of Vrindava celebrates Lord Indra’s power. One day Young Krishna asks Nanda of why worshiping Lord Indra every year, according to Nanda water is important to the villagers, they make festivities to help please Lord Indra. But according Young Krishna, Lord Indra is just following orders from Lord Vishnu. It’s his duty and responsibility. According to young Krishna why not they worship the Earth that gives them everything, or the sun. “We can’t disregard traditions that had been observed by generations”, said by Nanda. We should not be blinded by traditions according to Young Krishna.

He proposed to worshiped Goverdhana hill for its wonders serves as the life of Vrindava. Eventually the people of Vrindava agreed to Young Krishna and so his father. People then started to worhip the Goverdhana hill instead of Lord Indra. With Lord Indra receiving the news, Indra became furious about it and sent a terrible storm to devastate Vrindana and eventually destroy the village. He ordered his rain warriors, his men to begin the attack on the village, strong winds carried trees and structure, rains caused floods and flashes of lighting covered Vrindava. With strong faith to Krishna, the people asked for Krishna to help them.

To save the people, Young Krishna went to Goverdhana hill, with great strength Young Krishna carried Goverdhana Hill with only his pinky finger, the people help Young Krishna by supporting the hill with stick and the hill serve as the shelter and protection of the villagers. Lord Indra grew in rage and continuous the devastating attack to the people of Vrindava, he blasted great balls of lighting, fire and frosts and also made a vicious tornado just to destroy Goverdhana hill and the people of vrindava. But Lord Indra’s powers is no much to Young Krishna. The storm had pass and Lord Indra ask for forgivness to Young Krishna, Indra admitted his faults for he was blinded by his power and ignorance, and Young Krishna granted his mercy to him.

The Gita teaches us that one should know that he is an eternal server of the supreme god. Relative acts of the supreme god must be done by the demigod ton deliberate themselves from the materialistic world. But this does not happened to Lord Indra. He was blinded by his powers that he himself did not recognized his supreme God. Indra was strongly attached to the materialistic world. Transcendental positions with influence of material sense are directed towards self-knowing and knowing one’s God by himself. Sacrifices and offering are done to demigods to really please them. Fruitful actions increases devotion to our God. As said in the Gita, devotion is free ritualistic activity that one finds and develops. Vishnu is our supreme God so one must offer everything to him. No orders given by the Lord but one’s action should be doing thing that are not against the teachings of our God.

Cave of Terror
Krishna became the leader of the yogurt and butter stealing gang together with his friends, Madhumangal, Subala and also with his brother Balaram. Through the flow of events with the help of a monkey, Dadhilobha, they get inside the store but got caught by one of the milkmaids. But with Kirshna’s playful tactics, he deceived thee milkmaid and her mother of a disguise that he is the milkmaid’s son, with that Krishna escaped the punishment he can receive.

On the other side of the story, King Kamsa increases his rage over his angel of death, Krishna. He call upon Ahgasura to find and kill his angel of death, Kamsa put full trust to Ahgasura to be successful. One day Krishna and his friends we’re playing on the plain fields and Ahgasura transformed himself into a cave like appearance with its head as the opening. Madhumangal, Subala and Balaram went to see this unusual cave. All of them go, except for Krishna. They plan to go to that place and on their path they saw an unusual track of which they describe as spiringy and long. Once Krishna had noticed that they cave was actually Ahgasura he rushed to save his friends. Krishna got inside Ahgasura and he is being swallowed as well. But with great strength Krishna delivers a great blow to Ahgasura’s trunk and with his bare herculean arms he splits Ahgasura’s body into two, thereby rescuing his friends and bringing them outside, for Ahgasura it was his unrightfully death and his life comes to an end.

The strong desire of King Kamsa to kill his angel of death and by summoning demons to kill it is a strong indication of how deep King Kamsa is attached to the materialistic world. Killing someone according to the teachings of Gita is a sinful act under any circumstances. Causing degradation and destruction to the society. According to the Gita one should not engage in selfish acts. A man limited of knowing self-less acts does not follow rituals from Vedas to get actualization and gratification, because all of the purpose of the Vedic teaching is to served God and learn self-realization.

Witness of Truth
Overwhelmed by torment and pain, Mother Earth seek for help to Brahma who create the material universes in the order of the supreme Lord. Along with the other demigods, they offer prayer to the supreme Lord. “… I shall free you from your burdens”, the answer of the supreme Lord

Krishna grew up well in the village of Vrindava together with his friends. The people of Vrindava reaffirms Yashoda how lucky they are to have Krishna as their child. On the other hand, Brahma received the news from one of his messenger that of what he observed, he thought he had seen the supreme one in the village of Vrindava. Little do they know that whom they are talking about was just Krishna. To confirm the information the messenger said, he was escorted by this to go see this supreme one he is talking about. At that moment Krishna and his friends we’re playing on top of the hill under the shade of the tree.

With the magic of Brahma, he kidnapped Krishna’s friends. When Krishna came back in the hill his friends we’re gone. With the trace of dust and a goose feather, Krishna instantly knew who was behind all of this. Krishna believed it was Brahma, but has been bewildered of the situation because he taught Brahma asked him to help the people in Earth. He was worried of the mothers who we’re desperately looking for their sons, their friends, so what Krishna did was he divided himself into numbers to disguise each and one of himself to be the missing ones to prevent further anxiety to the mothers. Days passed and seasons change, Krishna’s manifestation continued to make believe that no one is missing.

Having 1 year pass, Brahma returned to Vrindava to know what Krishna was doing. Shocked by what he had seen, he saw the ones he had kidnapped. Bewildered with events, he closed his eyes, and when he opened it again he saw a lot of Brahma’s around him. With what he had witnessed he go done to Earth and asked the forgiveness to to supreme one, Krishna. Krishna re affirmed to Krishna that he has answered what he asked him to save the Earth. That he ordered Brahma to be responsible of one universe, and that the other Brahmas he had seen where the other ones who looks over the other universe. Krishna reaffirmed to Brahma that he had forgotten the meaning of Absolute truth. Brahma asks Krishna, “…

How is it that you’re simple friends of Vrindava are not bewildered by your great feats? They are just adore you as a darling boy.”. Then Krishna answers, “It’s pure and intense Brahma. Whatever I do, however small or big they simply love me, I cannot be understood simply by Vedic knowledge or Yogic medication. I can be understood only by love and devotion”. Brahma understood what Krishna’s message has been and forgiven Brahma for his wrong doings. With that his friends return to the hill where they were last seen and woke up from their deep sleep and returned to their families.

The search for absolute truth is a true struggle in one’s life especially to the world we loved in now we are bound for lust temptations that answers to the materialism of this world. The teachings of Gita clearly state the things what one should be fulfilling and doing to appreciate and understand things which are deeply buried in our subconscious mind. Materialistic things do not justify and grant the need of our whole being and the essence of our humanistic living. Krishna consciousness or God consciousness is our key in deeply understanding our essence and purpose in this world. Self realization and self actualization is what we need to know who really our God is, our supreme being. Knowing our God is the only thing we need to survive in this world. It does not only feed our body but also our soul. The purity and love we express to our God is the measure of our devotion. Devotion not measure by scriptures we understand but teachings we learned to live with.

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