Malaysia Famous Food Nasi Lemak

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15 April 2016

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Good morning to lecturer and my dear classmate.
Before I start my presentation, I would like to know something, do you all have your breakfast /lunch yet? Cause now, I’m going to make you so hungry. Now , I’m going to share with you all about Malaysia famous food .

As we all know, Malaysia is a multiracial country with a population of about 20 million people, This also cause the making of different cuisine appear in this lands. Among all of the delicious cuisine. There is one most popular dish based on rice that mostly accepted by all ethnic groups of Malaysia. We all called it as, “NASI LEMAK”,

As the largest ethnic group in Malaysia, Malay people have form out many kind of traditional food and drink. Among all of the local food, Nasi lemak is the most popular cuisine that have designed by them.

Rice of nasi lemak steamed with coconut milk, it will be served with some peanuts, sliced cucumber, hard boiled eggs and a spicy chili sambal.
Sambal is the main “soul” of the Nasi Lemak, to make a delicious Nasi Lemak, Sambal is so important. Different people prefer for different favour for sambal. As example, Malaysian Indian variety of the sambal tends to be a bit more spicy, and the Malay sambal in a nasi lemak tends to be a bit sweeter.

Nowadays, Nasi Lemak can be served with a choice of different curries and it also can be served with other cuisine like, rendang meat, fried chicken, squid, and many-many other delicious side-order.

Nasi lemak is not only popular in the ethnic of Malaysia, many tourist that visitor our country have try for this cuisine and been attracted by the delicious of it. Nasi Lemak of Malaysia have now become one of the delicious traditional food that famous among the worlds.

This is all my presentation for today, thanks for listening and giving concentrate on my talk. Thanks you.

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