Manage Workforce Planning

1.The first step in workforce planning is the review of current staff. Please complete the following table. What steps will need to be undertaken as a result of the review?

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The number of people in work in the business. There is not enough staff or there are too many staff and there are not the right type of staff for the future. The different types of jobs people in the business undertake Employment history

Qualifications of staff members
Awards and agreements
The mode of employment

2.Please complete the following table where information related to the labour supply is collected. Examples of the information that the source of data provided Source of data
Australian Bureau of statistics
Industry body
HR professionals

3.What other factors will affect the supply of labour? Please give some examples using your workplace.

The Immigration policy, which determines the number of people entering the country and the skills and training they bring with them.

The industrial relations legislation regulating management prerogative, or the right of management to make unilateral decisions concerning employee dismissal, management of grievances, pay and conditions.

Difference within the workforce is something that most businesses aim to reach.

•What are some of the differences between employees?
•What are the benefits of having different types of employees?

What steps might a business take to ensure that they can retain their staff?

It is often necessary for businesses to develop objectives and strategies to modify their workforce. When would a business use the following strategies? Please provide a definition of what each strategy is.

•Triple bottom line

What is the impact of having a high turnover of staff? What strategies can be put into place to minimise the turnover level?

Please describe and give an example of the following methods that can be used to measure the turnover of staff, •Labour turnover index method
•Survival rate method
•Stability index method

Please create a diversity policy for your workplace which includes; •Company values which includes the company’s view and focus on diversity •How the company intends to develop its diversity strategies •Steps that will be taken if diversity is not followed.

•Steps to measure the effectiveness of the diversity plan

Please develop some strategies for a business that ensure that they are able to source skilled labour. What are some of the contingency plans you would have in place for extreme situations in terms of labour supply?

Once workforce objectives and strategies have been developed it is important to communicate the objectives and the reasons for them to the management team so as to gain support. •What reason would you give for the development of the revised objectives and strategies? •What methods would you use to ensure that support was gained from key stakeholders?

An important step in workforce planning is implementing initiatives to support the workforce planning objectives. •On a general level what does an implementation plan for recruitment, training, redeployment or redundancy include? Create an example of an implementation plan for the recruitment of staff members. •What strategies should a workforce put into place to deal with organisational change? •What strategies should a business put into place to ensure that the diversity strategies are met?

Important elements of workforce planning include succession planning and the development of an ‘employer of choice’ workplace. Please describe what each of these terms means. •What are the benefits of succession planning? How would an organisation ensure that it undertakes successful succession planning? •What strategies would an organisation put into place to be an ‘employer of choice’?

One of the important elements of workforce planning is monitoring and evaluating workforce trends. •How will ensure that you monitor exiting staff members? What are some of the questions you might ask an exiting person?

•How would you monitor the available staff in the external market?
•How would you gauge staff satisfaction?
•What steps would you take as a response to information you received about the labour supply both internally and externally?
•What government policy would you need to review in terms of labour supply? Why?
•How would you ensure that the process of change is effective?

Your task is to develop a workforce plan that includes relevant research and specific strategies to ensure access to a skilled and diverse workforce. •What sources did you use to undertake the research? What information did you receive from this research? ( Please consider both internal and external research) •What legislation did you need to refer to? What did the legislation indicate to you? •What strategies did you use to retain and source the staff that you require?

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