Reinventing management practices in long-term care: how cultural evolution can affect workforce recruitment and retention


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            Quality management is very vital to every society, state, community or company because it indicates the level of performance in terms of production and its success. To outline the main points to this discussions about management, definitions is very important. Management basically is the way different resources are controlled and allocated to produce the quality product that is desired in an organization(Peterson, Smith, Martorana, & Owens, 2003, p.795). It can also be defined in terms of maintenance of the organizations success and performances. The managers are involved in managing the organizations and apply different strategies of management in accordance with the needs of the organization and the workforce involved(Sarlak, 2010, p. 92-93). In order to discuss the topic management in the 21st century needs to be more of human activity, it is important to note that for the last centuries organizations applied the written strategies by different scholars to run their organizations.

            The aim of this essay is to show how important it is to know the meaning of management. In earlier century management is associated with managers who are involved in controlling, motivating, planning and also allocating resources to their employees. To achieve this, the managers had to follow management strategies to enable them to run the organization and to classify their employees into different categories. For instance, the management theory X and Y classifies employees into two categories (Sarlak, 2010, P. 90-93). First category theory Y is those that need not to be forced to work and need to be motivated and second category theory X these are employees that need to be forced to work and force was applied so as to make them work. In addition, leadership styles were also used to enable the managers run the organization.

            For example, the management theory X and Y this theory states how different types of workforce behave in the field. It also address how employees should be motivated so as to work well(Brannon, Kemper, Heier-Leitzell, & Stott, 2010, 68-74). The motivation of workforce is believed to be the key role to make them work well and more effective. For instance, managers follow the management approaches to control the employees and not what they know. This distinguishes them from employees who can manage without being controlled and have more knowledge of the task at hand.

Benefits of Management

            In theory management are procedures and policies which are formulated to enable the managers enhance the running of the organization but in reality management is more of human activity since the human beings are involved in seen that this procedure are applied and that the organization gets the best returns(Brannon, Kemper, Heier-Leitzell, & Stott, 2010, 68-74). Moreover, the management functions such as organizing, planning, and motivating deal with people in often cases. Therefore in this 21st century management is more of human activities since organizations are aimed at improving their workforce and employing the best people to run the organization.

            Management is very important since it is through managing once resources that they can achieve their goal and targets. Therefore today, management is more of personal decision than that of a manager controlling people to work (Peterson, Smith, Martorana, & Owens, 2003, p.795). Most employees can work without supervision of the manger since they can manage themselves. This is possible because today people are taught in learning institute of how to manage their time, resources and also to plan. In addition, most of the employees have more knowledge and experience on how to achieve the quality end product without being controlled by managers. It is important to have some looking at the progress of the work but when their presence hinder innovation it becomes a concern to be taken care of.

            Employees need to be facilitated and not controlled by managers thus the output will increase drastically. Leadership style can also interfere greatly with the freedom of employees hence innovation will be hindered(Brannon, Kemper, Heier-Leitzell, & Stott, 2010, p. 68-74). At a glance, leadership style that was used in earlier century instilled fear in employees which made them just do the work in accordance to the rules. In 21st century employees are free and they know their importance in an organizations and this has led to formation of organizations that represent employees’ rights. This is to educate employees and also make the working place conducive for the employees and employers.

            Management is wide area, it involves also maintenance of other resources and how it is allocated. For example capital therefore, employees should be aware of the capital of the organization so as to learn how to maximize profit and increase the output of the company(Brannon, Kemper, Heier-Leitzell, & Stott, 2010, p. 68-74). In earlier century, status quo was very important and most manager did not want to interact with employees so as to protect their status. It is the dream of every one to be a manager but if being a manager it hinders innovation then it is good to be in the same level with employees. In today’s world, innovation has be embraced and people are moving with very high speed to innovate.

            Moreover, more organizations are coming up and competition is high therefore management should be more of human activity allowing employees to be part of it and making decision that are effective. Brainstorming is good example of involving employees in decision making and problem solving (Brannon, Kemper, Heier-Leitzell, & Stott, 2010, p. 68-74). It allow the employees to give ideas on a certain question and how to solve the problem. Managers should embrace different modes of involving employees directly or indirectly in running the organization.

            Management is more of human activity even if the organization uses machine to get the end product since human beings control or operate the machine. Some machine are not operated without experience and skills to use it, not all managers have skills and knowledge of how to operate the machines. This is because the role is based on managerial approaches and they strictly follow the procedures that are stipulated in the organization(Peterson, Smith, Martorana, & Owens, 2003, p.795). In this century, managers are more active and are the ones helping in motivating the employees. The organizations are now more concerned with increasing profit and being effective by training and encouraging their employees to be innovative. In this century, for an organization to acquire new machinery, also need to train its employees on how to use it.

            Therefore the employees feel motivated and important since their skills are improved (Peterson, Smith, Martorana, & Owens, 2003, p.795). Unlike the earlier industries where if a machine was acquired then the employee who knew how to operate was given a chance to work and the rest were dispensed off. 21st century employees are more important to management team and are involved in major decision of the organizations. It is important to work in a conducive environment so as to nurture creativity in the organization. The scholars wrote what an ideal organization structure should look like and it is the duty of the leaders and manager to improve this ideas and come out with the best part of it.

Factors Influencing Management

            Innovation is very important and every organization ought to encourage an environment that can enhance it. In today’s world, the employees are given opportunity to view their ideas and also to innovate. Unlike the past years where employees could not speak nor give views of how a product can be improved (Nolan, 2008, p. 54). The manager had a role to decide on what to be done even if it means forcing people to work. When management become more of human activity than procedures to control, then the business will grow drastically. The products of an organization highly depend on the human resource to implement the other resources to achieve the end product(Peterson, Smith, Martorana, & Owens, 2003, p.795). In addition, when employees are more involved in management they have a sense of belonging and their goals is to see that organization is growing. Furthermore where employees are involved in giving suggestion on the products improvement, they give their best ideas thus managers can pick the best ideas and implement.

            However, it is not easy to make the employees be innovative in a harsh environment; therefore the mangers should be willing to balance power (Nolan, 2008 p. 44). Today every organization aim to be the best competitor in the industry thus hiring the best employees and those that can manage their time and resources effectively which is only possible if employees are allowed to innovate and be creative.

            It is important to note that managers today must interact with their employees rather than commanding and directing on how the work should be done. It is clear that most employees have more ideas about the work than the managers since the deal with the resources in day to day life. The type of leadership style that is used in the organization should be more of encouraging the employees to be more creative and innovative. Generally, in 21st century management is more of human activity in contrast with the earlier century where people had no opportunity to be involved in decision making (Sarlak, 2010, p. 91-93). Everyone would like to be part of a successful innovation and also success. Achieving this is only through allowing the employees to be part of management and not the other way round. It is clear that today there more innovation coming up than the earlier years since people are allowed to come up with more ways to improve their organization. Employees are not servants of a manger but an asset that need to well utilized to yield more profit and also to be motivated to aim for high goals of the organization(Peterson, Smith, Martorana, & Owens, 2003, p.795). In conclusion, it is possible to achieve this if employees will be involved in management and also have a say into the leadership style of the organization.


            Management should not be for the managers and leaders only but also the employees of the company have an important role to play. A manager should motivate the employees and help them to achieve their goals. Therefore, management in 21st century is more of human activity unlike the earlier century where it was more of managerial post. It is said that “practice makes it perfect” therefore managers should interact with employees to make the work perfectly and also share their knowledge and experience.


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