Marketing Mix Nikon

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20 March 2016

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Alhamdulillah, first of all I would like to thank God as finally I were able to finish my assignment that have been given to me by sports facilities’ lecturer, Encik Noorazlan Bin Ab Aziz. He always listen and gives advice to me, he also taught me how to express my idea, showed me a different way to approach a research problem and need to be persistent to accomplish any goal. He always give me supports and guide to me how to do our assignment in purpose to produce a good outcome from research that been studied. Luckily, all the problems can be settled down and I were able to adapt properly and wisely. Besides that, big thank I address to the staffs Kelab Golf Pantai Sri Tujuh, Tumpat Kelantan because without their guides my project cannot be done properly like this. Place that I had choosed for this assignment is Pantai Sri Tujuh, Tumpat Kelantan.

Finally, thank to my friend, my classmate, my sister that always help me finished my assignment, helping me anytime and solving my unsolved problem. Hope that all the effort will give a lot of benefits to me and also to my assignment.



The objective of this club is to provide social and recreational activities for members. It is also to conduct major national and local competitions as development process to upgrade skill and status of the members in golf. This club also play role to establish and conduct development programmes for youth and aspiring members.As for the other golf club this club try to achieve the vision to be a well-known club and promote the sport of golf to the local as the golf is not popular like football to the local.So the management of this club want to address the local about the golf so that sport of golf can get its place in the local citizens’ heart.

4.0 The organization chart

This is the organization chart for Pantai Sri Tujuh Golf Club. This chart is not fully finish due to the staff changes and the improvement of the organization system in order to compete with other successful club and achieve the objective of this club.

5.0 Facilities and services offered in Pantai Sri

* Chalets
* Management office
* Surau
* Toilets
* Air conditioner
* Sport light
* Parking area
* Cafe
* Store for equipment
* Dustbins
* Television
* Fire extinguisher
* Post guard
* Bunker
* Diving range
* Waterpark


Chalets Toilet

Cafe Management Office

Spotlight Air-conditioner

Lobby Hall



Pantai Sri Tujuh Golf Club is continuously looking into the future growth of the company and its people who will make it happen. We’re looking to build up a world-class team of experienced and motivated individuals, who will bring their expertise to maximize the value of our technology and business development activities.

8.1 Responsibilities :
* The management provide a locker for the player
* They provide rules for player and the spectators while playing golf * They briefing about how to play golf for the new player * Serving meal for the players


9.1 supervision
Every 2 days they will send report to supervisor about daily usage of equipment. For example how many balls the player used. They also do scheduling work 2 people in morning session and 2 people in night session. 9.2 Booking

To play in this club, players do not have to book. They can play on the spot and anytime they want except on Saturday. This is because on that day the VIP from secretary of Kelantan have booked the golf club for the VIP.

9.3 Schedulling
This club opened from 8.00 a.m to 12.00 a.m. there have two shift.
One shift starts from 8.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m. around this time the customers or the players can contact the organizer at Pantai Sri Tujuh. After 5pm till 12am the customers can ask the driving range crew for any reservation or wanted to play in the golf field.

9.4 Package
* RM 9 for 100 balls
* RM5 for 50 balls



* They provide air conditioner in meeting room, management office, surau,


* They provide this lightning, pendaflour at surau, toilet, management office. That’s means each corner have one pendaflour.


* Spotlight are available for lighting purpose.


Every day, employees will check the equipment and count the ball to make sure all the equipments are in good condition and are complete. If the balls are not enough, they have to report to their supervisor to supply the balls for the player. Sometimes player will hit the ball outside the driving range. The stuff on the duty has to collect all the balls and record the data in maintenance book. Every three days a week, supervisor will check the data and give a comment and feedback.

This is the store that keeps all the equipments.


This is a picture to remind the visitors and customers on certain things which are: * The customers are not allowed to bring their own golf ball. * They are not allowed to collect the cluttered golf ball on the field. * They are not allowed to hit the ball in front of the driving range. * Any injury are not in the responsibility of the golf club * They are not allow wearing slippers but are necessary to wear a proper golf shoes during playing golf. The golf club promotes CCTV to manage their security department. This because, the operation hour of this club house open till 12am. They also provided 24hours guard to keep the golf club in safe. Those people who got nothing to do with the golf club or do not have any proper appointment are allowed in the area of Pantai Sri Tujuh Golf Club. This is a simple prompt for all the customers and visitors on the rules and regulations of the field. A good facility must have this kind of rules and regulation to guide people on how to use the facility correctly.

13.1 Some events from the others management

The above picture shows some of the souvenirs from other management that collaborates with Pantai Sri Tujuh Golf Club. Usually the events are participating by the staff of the golf club itself. As you can see, Pantai Sri Tujuh Golf Club love to team up with other organization because this golf club really appreciate their working partner and they respect them as their customers.

13.2 VIP Club Members

This is the Board Members of Pantai Sri Tujuh Golf Club. The one in the blue shirt is the secretary of Kelantan. He always comes to this golf club to play every Saturday.

They always organized some events within the VIP committee. They love to come here because of the view and the scenery. The exciting view of this golf club is facing the ocean so it attracts not only VIP but the normal people who love to play golf.The surrounding around this golf club provide the members fresh air and condition.


In conclusion, I chosed Pantai Sri Tujuh Golf Club because of the view and scenery. The exciting view of this golf club is facing the ocean so it attracts not only VIP but the normal people who love to play golf. People who are check in at Pantai Sri Tujuh chalet also can spend their time at this golf club. This golf club provides many facilities about golf. It have bunker, driving range, and. Near the golf club there has a water park which is only provided for children. The customers no need to worry about the safety of their children as there has a guard to keep his eye on them. There also have chalets for the visitors and customers to stay at Pantai Sri Tujuh. In front of the chalet there also has a hall for the visitors to make barbeque, birthday party or what else. With this facilities provided, the customers will satisfied and feel more comfortable to come to this club besides they feel safe. Therefore, this golf club is still in progress and will upgrade the incomplete facilities. The manager wants to make this golf club more official and famous among the people in this country.So that this club becomes a well-known club in this country of Malaysia.With such a vision no wonder in a few years the PGA Tours will held in Kelantan specifically at Pantai Seri Tujuh Golf Club.

Persons that I interviewed at Pantai Seri Tujuh Gof Club :
1.Mr. Khairul Ahmad
2. Mr. Khairuliswadi Bin Ali
3.Mr. Mohd Faisal Bin Rosnan
4.Mr. Mohd Syukri Bin Salleh
5.Mr, Baharuddin Bin Ismail


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