The Decline of Marriage And Rise of New Families

Marriage and divorce


            According to people, a family should consist of parents and children living together. This does not only apply to children from a common ancestor but also those who are adopted. Since 1960 there have been a lot of changes that has affected the real legal power of the family. There has been self-definition due to bilateral-income in marriages. It has led to divorce and children being raised by a single parent-family that makes them encounter emotional disruption and lack of family care. Women have become financial independent leading to tension in marriages (Wilcox, 2009). The introduction of the new law of non-fault divorce by American nation has eliminated the need for couples to identify their wrongs in marriages (Wilcox, 2009). It has gutted marriage its power to bind a husband and wife. All of these changes have led to a high rate of divorce. Currently, the statics of marriages have decreased with the current studies showing that in 1960s more than 68% of adults aged 23 years were married while today less than 23% of the same age are not married (, 2010).

            The marriage has also shifted from heterosexual to same-sex marriage in most American societies. Due to this there has been divorce and immigration of people because one feels can access that marriage there. It has also contributed to Children being raised by foster parents because their biological parents are gay. In a situation of divorce, both parents are given opportunity to fight for the custody of their children in America. To solve all this, the government advocates are making arguments to stop divorce (Cheryl 2011).They encourage troubled couples to try work out things first since filing for divorce is expensive. The government is also coming up with laws that ensure divorce balances or the parties in the marriage.


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