Media Image of Asian Women

The media is large platform that signifies or represents individual on a ranging scale of different perspective. The media largely influences personality through a formative role with a representative segment of a community’s view. The Asian women are a sample case with a unique representative within the media. Various forms of media including television, film and movies have a reflective effect on the Asian women. As such, the Asian women are accredited a distinctive feature within various cultures of the world. The resultant effect is propagating effect that creates a lasting effect to the world at large.

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The media image of Asian women presents such individuals as unsympathetic and character driven. The exemplary platforms displayed by the media on such women showcases a highly competitive group as compared to the other counterpart women of the world. This understanding of the Asian women is a built profile from highly ambitious women who are career driven. The few high ranking personality within industrial sectors is goal oriented with propounding results. An exemplary case study of the Asian women image portrayed by the media is the physicians (Chan, Karpovich,& Zhang, 2011). These groups of women focus of logistics evaluation based on the eventual success. As such, the typical Asian woman is depicted of sound judgment and eventual delivery given unique working environments.


A social element of the Asian women portrayed in the media is sexual aspect and exotic objects. Asian women are an iconic group largely adored in various continents of the world. The media portrays the Asian woman as an intelligent group with high work ethics. The media also endorses the Asian woman as a professional group given the various working conditions.


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