Men are naturally violent and protective

Whether the subject is masculinity, patriarchy, or violence one will not fail to notice the occurrence chauvinism on several categories when portraying the subject of men. This critique attempts to reflect on an article posted on CBC news, British Columbia article. It is apparent that Alexander does not publicly encourage or agitate for violence; however, the movement seeks for response when it is pushed to the wall. The freeman agitation is based on response to the state imposition of a given norms or set of disciplines or what the movement defines as on overbearing government. For instance, Alexander does not require a license to drive or pay income tax (CBC, 2013).

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According to the extract the concept of violence cannot be used to judge men wholly. Primarily, violence is a vehicle to let views get known to the people, whether legitimate or illegitimate. This promotes the assumption that men will apply violence if they feel their views are being neglected. According to the extract FBI and B.C still considered the movement a source of domestic terror, an assumption that Freemen strongly distance themselves with.

When it comes to the concept of governance, it is apparent to note Man chauvinism is the most important observation. The central goal here is the importance of two integral laws, statute law and common law. One will notice from the extract that the movement seeks to agitate for equality, on all accounts this promoting the presence of common law. This propels two crucial situations, the fight against capitalism and individual personality decorum. According to freemen, decorum is essential, and in fact, the group argues that statutory law is primarily responsible for destroying the society.

The greater war is not physical confrontation directed by Freeman-Movement, but whether man can uninstall the statutory law imposed to him by the government. Chiefly, one will notice that Freemen chauvinistic perception is centered on the assumption that statutory law imposed to people, with or without their consent and this forms the nucleus of social conflicts (call it violence). For instance, the law convicts innocent people to Jail using the statutory law, jailing them together with people who have broken common law. According to the extract, Freemen movement argues that statutory law is a contract, and each party can live it at will.

Freemen view the judiciary as a bunch of brutal people who are naturally violent. A further example to Freemen philosophy is the Daren Wayne McCormick who was convicted by a court in Nova Scotia for uttering threatening words to officers. Freemen viewed that the Judge used his personality (call it humane violence) to pass judgment to an innocent person. The initial conviction of Mr. McCormick was essentially based a criminal court and federal gun laws, in any case, McCormick was originally viewed a danger to the society but not to official members of the judiciary. However, the judgment which sent McCormick to prison was based on danger to official members of the judiciary proving that men are violent by their own character.


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