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2 March 2016

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A human microchip is an integrated circuit device that is the size of a grain of rice implanted under the human skin. These implants are used for information storage, such as personal identification and medical history. They also have a GPS integrated that makes possible for individuals to be physically located when enable. People are uncertain if a microchip would be a good idea; the truth is that many people would benefit from this new technology. Humans should consider the microchip implant as a new form of protection.

Microchips can help find lost or abducted children. Many children are abducted throughout the world and many are never found. Having a microchip in children arms can give parents peace and feeling of security. Imagine a child was abducted by a complete stranger and took off far from their home; instead of going to the police and filling a missing child report or sending out an Amber Alert, it would be much easier to just look at a computer or cellphone and let the police know the exact location of the child. In addition, the agony and sadness of not knowing children locations will be over. Some children incline to falsify their whereabouts when parents ask. The microchip can resolve that problem and parents would immediately know if their children are saying the truth or not. It can also prevent children from meeting with the wrong, not well behave people. Having control of children is the main responsibility of parents and the implant will ease this assignment. Finding lost or abducted children is one of the great features of the microchip.

Microchips can save medical information. The microchip facilitates medical history to doctors in seconds. With this information, health professionals immediately will know the person background such as allergies, and illness they suffer. Having this information so quickly will permit doctors to prescribe procedures and right treatments faster. The microchip in humans will highly protect and save lives. For instance, a person was in a serious car accident and lost consciousness and the rescuers are not sure what allergies or other problems the person has. However, if that person had a microchip in his/her arm would be easier for paramedics because they will scan the implant and the medical information from that person would appear in a computer. In addition, patients with Alzheimer’s disease can benefit for this new technology too. Since this patients don not remember much about themselves caregivers can take advantage of the implant and determine the right healthcare action for them. Storing medical information is the main function of the microchip.

Some people believe that the microchip will not stop a child from being abducted. It is true that criminals will not stop their evil intentions just because the child happen to have a microchip in the arm; however, if abductors do not know about the existence of it, the child has more chances of walking out of that experience earlier than using just the police enforcement. Other people disagree that regardless if they can find the child, a crime has been committed and more than likely, the child is dead. In many of the situations when a child is abducted for a long period, this statement would be true; however, if the microchip is in the child arm they could be found either alive or dead, given ease to the families that the child was found. Some people also believe that the implant violates children privacy. Children are humans and have the right of privacy and freedom; nevertheless, parents are responsible legally and morally for children given them the right of knowing where and what are they doing.

A microchip implant is something humans should consider for their own protection. These implants can make life easier and save them. Parents would feel safer if their children wear a microchip because they can localize them in minutes. The microchip would help healthcare professionals to save a person life much easier as it stores people’s medical records. Even though, some people disagree with the implant idea in humans because violates privacy, the pros outweigh the cons making life much enjoyable for all. People should not reject protection just because they think it can compromise their freedom.

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