Mountain Dew Case Study

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22 March 2016

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Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew’s unique way of connecting to the younger generation through extreme sports has become a grand success, consequently many companies are coming up with similar advertisement base Recent threats to Carbonated Soft Drinks in recent years by highly caffeinated and sports drinks have affected their sales. The company advertisement has focus on the young generation and thus quickly rose as Coke’s loyal opposition. They have advertisements harnessing ideas of current generation as well as advertisement promoted by celebrities. All of this pushed their sales up.

The Dew Campaign effectiveness: The Do the Dew Campaign has always been about excitement and energy and was successful since the beginning, 1992. The main focus has always been on the cultural trends closely bounded with the youth. There were 3 main trends Rap Music, Extreme Sports, and Gen X culture. Taste in Music was matched to that of the young generation. In early 90s it was it related to rap songs then came the generation of alternate rock songs and later the techno music. Similarly in sports and GenX Ethos, It also became one of the founding leader sponsors of X Games. In the process it mainly target audience was 18 year old males while at the same time it created an appeal to age group 20 to 39. However the impact gradually lowered as other companies started to pick up the trend. The company required a fresh move and they saw an opportunity in recent rising trend that was retro. The committee picked up this trend for recent ad scope. Consequently, they shortlisted many different concepts to five different advertisements after thorough review. Brief perception on them is provided.

The Labour of Love Ad – humorous is there but does not create an impression of the brand as an adrenaline rush factor. So not the best strategy unless Dew considers repositioning.

The Dew or Die Ad and the Cheetah Ad – The focus is same as before on exhilarating choice and fun and daring. The idea is repetitive in nature hence not as effective.

Mock Opera Ad – The cultural trend is Gen X attitudes while at the same time portraying the brand as exhilarating and exciting. This takes care of the predictability aspect of the ads with the Dew Dudes performing the Bohemian Rhapsody.

Showstoppers – Similar to that of Mock Opera ad holds on to the image of the brand as daring and exciting while at the same time is less predictable.

Response to threat of functional and alternative drinks:

In response to non-CSDs, an advertisement campaign must be selected which appeals to the irreverent, daring and fun loving side of the young generation. The citrus flavour in Mountain Dew is its uniqueness. The advertisements can focus on Diet Mountain Dew to appeal to the calorie conscious consumer as the amount of calorie is low.

Increase in advertisement is essential. By correlating the cost of the advertising campaign with the sales we observed that there is a high correlation which is around .95. SO the advertisement selection has to meet the current trend as well as the mind-set of young generation as discussed.

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