My Body

When I face in front of the mirror, I can see a woman with short hair, round eyes, pale lips, and with an average height, “that” is my body. When I do things like brushing my teeth, eating dinner, walking, writing homework, sitting, and etc, “which” is what I am, I am a human because of what my body can do. But who or what am I? As simply as it sounds, it’ll take time to internalize and answer this question. People would start to think from the simplest to complex things and varying answers would come and go.

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Without looking in front of the mirror, without thinking the things that I can do, without thinking of what others might answer, but with my perception, experiences, and surroundings to answer the question – Who or what am I? Well, I have answers. With my body as a basis, I know that I am Marjerie Valencia Hamili, 19 years of age, residing at Sta. Maria, Zamboanga City since 1995, the seventh child, fourth daughter of my mother and father, studying at Western Mindanao State University, taking up Bachelor of Science in Biology. With my answer above, it seems like there is something lacking like a missing puzzle piece.

With my intimate relation of myself to my body, I have also a spirit, which gives me the ability to control and claim my body in which Gabriel Marcel stated in his Second Reflection. With this body, I am able to interact with other people like having new friends and sharing experiences together. I am also able to participate in the events that have been happening like family gatherings, celebrating holidays, and even supporting organizations. I am also able to see and appreciate God’s creation with my own two naked eyes. With this body, I am able to express myself to the other people. I can say what I feel inside of me. I may also show it along with my gestures. With all the experiences of my body and my soul, it formed me to become the ‘me’ of today.

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