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Over the summer, I took a trip to Mission Beach with my family and friends as we do every summer and Christmas break. Each year we always take a night to go to our favorite restaurant, Tower 21. The refreshing atmosphere, top-notch service, and mouth watering food is what we come back for and they never fail to meet our expectations. This last experience, however, was different than what we were expecting.

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My family and I were all very ecstatic about getting dressed up and eating delicious food after our long week of burgers and hotdogs by the campfire. When we pulled up to the valet for the restaurant we were greeted with a smile and a quick valet parking process. This was not something out of the ordinary, more of something expected. As we entered the entrance of the restaurant, again, we were greeted with friendly faces that immediately sat us at our reserved table. Our waitress then came to our table and introduced herself very nicely, just as we expected. The beginning of our meal went exceptionally well. Our waitress and bus boy even had a few personal conversations with my family making us feel even more comfortable at the restaurant. But once again, this was something that we always had the pleasure of enjoying when it came to the guest service. After our appetizers were finished, that was when the whole experience changed.

Around the corner we could all see our entrees coming our way. The entrees were served with happy faces all around the table. After our waitress made sure everything had come to the table, she went back to her other tables. Each of us began to cut into our steaks in front of us. Immediately you could see disappointment on a few of my family members faces. What they expected to be a perfectly medium rare steak ended up being a medium well steak. At this moment our “experience” turned to a downward slope. My father called over the waitress to tell her about our complaint. She apologized for the over cooked steaks and had them sent back to the kitchen for new ones. The manager of the restaurant along with our waitress brought over the brand new steaks to make sure they were properly cooked. Of course, this time they were even better than perfect.

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