My High School English Experience

My high school English Class experience

I was born in Beijing where it is difficult for me to get in touch with English. At that time, It is impossible for me to meet foreign people on Beijing. I didn’t know English until I was ten years old, but I was not interested in it. Therefore, my grades on English were not good all this time. However, after graduating from junior high school, I decided to study abroad on America so that I must be absorbed in studying English. Hence, I started to expect the English class on senior high school. Unfortunately, the English class was more than I thought it would be. In high school, I just met one English teacher who called Meng Ying. She abandoned all of my classmates include me.

Admittedly, there were some student who never studying on my high school class. However, as a teacher, she never enlightened those naughty students. On the contrary, she detested those bad students, deciding to abandon the class. During the high school year, she seldom taught us, and most of the time, we have to self-studying English. At first, I was so disappointed that I even had a mind to transfer school because it is impossible for me to gain knowledge. On the other hand, she gave me a lot of time to explore the English world on my own and read my favorite novels such as The Great Gatsby. To a certain extent, I will say thank you to my English teacher because she made me more independent than used to be.