Nature and Nurture on the human development

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5 November 2015

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Nature and Nurture on the human development


            In the history of human beings, there have existed a lot of theories discussing how nurture or nature influences the development of humans. Not only did this debate happen in the past, but also even today many individuals and nations are debating on this issue to decide which factor impacts more to the humans. To put it in the layman’s language, nature is the natural processes which are mostly inherited and hence cannot be changed. Nurture is the processes that are caused by the environment and these characteristics could be changed by the outer surrounding. So in this paper I will present the argument on the nurture impact on human behaviors.

            The factors that affect the people’s perception and change their behaviors include: their own perception, the people’s perception about them, the societal or cultural believes and even what they view the surrounding. For instance the cloths have been seen to influence behaviors of people. For instance, a person wearing a doctor’s white coat has been proofed to be more attentive than when wearing a painter’s coat. According to the experimental social psychology journal, there is a finding that shows that people think not only with their brain but also their bodies. According to Dr. Galinsky, our thinking processes are based on the physical experiences that are seen to set off the associated abstract concepts and these experiences also include the cloths that people’s wear. It has been known for long now that people are perceived by others by the way that they dress. A person dressing in some manners can be perceived to be what a direct opposite of what they exactly are is. Many experiments that have been previously carried shows that ladies who dress in masculine cloths at the time of interview are more likely to be absorbed and also a person who wears the official cloths are mostly seen as more intelligent in a teaching assistant job and they are most likely to be hired than a person who dresses casually.

            Also the way people perceive themselves is another nurture factor that affects mostly the people’s behavior. According to an article on “why men don’t last: self destruction as a way of life”, it is revealed that men commit more suicide than women. This could be explained by the way men have trained themselves and the way they feel that they are capable of handling their own problems without seeking any help from outside. This is owing to the fact that people who are more open to discuss their problems are mostly likely able to evade the suicide trap. It has been proofed that women are more open in discussing their problems and hence their suicidal cases are very minimal. Men always conceal their problems and this leads to them committing suicide. In the face of changing circumstances, men feel helpless and trapped but a woman takes risk of discussing the circumstance and hence they are novelty seekers and great risk takers. This is a behavior that is passed to all generations and hence changes the people’s perception.

            In the article, “HERS; Why Boys Don’t Play With Dolls”, by Pollitt Nkatha, it is evident that for many years boys have been seen to incline on the trucks and guns but on the other hand girls mostly incline on wearing party dresses and holding Dolls. This could be explained through inborn hormonal influences along with the genetic configuration and the brain chemistry. Even though these factors hold, the surroundings shape the perception of these children to act in this trend for a long period of time. The behaviors which are perceived to be girlish are passed from generation to generation and this becomes a habit that is artificially inherited through nurture.

            To conclude, nurture and nature both have great impact on the development of humans. The nature will decide the depositions of human being which can be changed by nurture. Nature will give the in born abilities but nurture will help to develop them. Nature gives the inborn attributes but nurture changes these innate attributes accordingly and this result to people having different lives hence nurture is the one that highly impacts on the behaviors of human beings and their development.


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