Networking models Review

3.1: Networking models Review: The two networking models are TCP/IP which had 5 different layers and the OSI model which has 7 layers. They mainly incorporate the same layers and the only difference is that the TCP/IP layer combines layers 5, 6 and 7 all into layer

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5. Both models are along the same line of information and both explain how a network moves data. 3.2: OSI reference model: The OSI model includes two more layers that the TCP/IP layer already had but is constructed in only layer 5. 7: ApplicationWeb browser,

6: PresentationWhat is being displayed on your page

5: SessionControl structure between sessions

4: Transport(TCP) Transfers data between points

3: Network(IP address/URL) Routing, responsible for addressing, sending and translation of logical and physical addresses 2: Data linkSends frames back and forth with necessary sync and error control (MAC/PPP)

1: Physical(Copper, wires ect) Defines the mechanical procedures that are required to establish and maintain physical links.

3.3 The TCP/IP model

TCP/IP reference model; includes all information as OSI but only has 5 layers and not 7, Layer 5 includes layers 5, 6 and 7 combines. 5: ApplicationCombines layers 5, 6 and 7: provides network services such as email, file transfers, exchanges of data, support connections between sessions and inner host communications

4: Transport(TCP) transfers data between end points

3: Network(IP/URL) The routing process, packet switching and exchanging (looking for your URL) 2: Data LinkSends frames to and from with flow control, error control and sync; also addresses topology and medias. 1: Physical(Copper, wires ect) Defines mechanical procedures that are required to establish and maintain physical links

3.4 data link connections

Computer A is trying to send information to Computer B, the IP address must see the advertisement from Computer B for the router to know where to send the information. The router then strips the Ethernet and sends the information over a leased line to router B, Router B then sends connects to another ether and PPP to further send to Computer B.

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