In your own words, define ambassadorship and based on your definition describe why you are the ideal candidate to become a student ambassador. Ambassadorship to me, means a person who has strong leadership abilities. I feel that I am the ideal candidate to become a student ambassador because I consider myself a leader. A leader to me means that you have the same amount of respect for yourself and others. A leader is someone who sets examples and encourages people to do the right thing. A leader is always willing to help someone in a time of need. Leaders are always looking for new ways to continue improving their leadership skills. I have drive and determination and an I am able to make decisions alone. Someone who gives back to community and takes a stand for what is right or for what is wrong. Having a leadership position helps me interact within my community. Being a leader keeps me active within my surroundings. I help in a positive way when it comes to others. I have had many opportunities when I have helped someone that needed to be helped. Becoming a student ambassador will open me to all new opportunities. I will be able to encourage others as a student ambassador. A student ambassador is responsible, trustworthy, and makes the right decisions at the right time. I would like to become a student ambassador means being ready for any situation at any time. Being a student ambassador means that you are always prepared and can take on responsibility at any time given. I am an ideal candidate because I am always looking for ways to encourage others to make good decisions. Being an ambassador, I can gain public speaking skills and the ability to think quickly on my feet. I will be happy to be granted the privilege to be a student ambassador. I can become a student ambassador so I can have a broad understanding and knowledge about what a student ambassador is. I have that ‘can do’ attitude towards inspiring others. As a student ambassador, I will try to assist and encourage the growth of other students in their process of expanding their knowledge as well. As a student ambassador I can be involved in my school and represent my school when I depart from this country. As a student ambassador I can put my leadership skills to good use by getting involved more in meeting new people. The more involved a person is the more successful they can be. Being a student ambassador is a way to meet lots of new people, and become a huge part of the process of future students. I decided to apply to the Urban League program because it is a wonderful opportunity to help share my experiences with others and to experience the great things that I have had the privilege to experience.

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