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Nikes business strategy

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In order to get a grasp of Nike and how its changing the world today with its innovative products, we must first take a glance at the history of the company and how it all began. Bill Bowerman was a nationally respected track and field coach at the University of Oregon and the founding father of Nike. Bill was always seeking to find ways in order to give his athletes a competitive advantage experiencing with track surfaces, energy drinks but most importantly- innovative running shoes.

Nikes business strategy is committed to providing athletes around the world with innovative products and committed to serving athletes, rewarding shareholders and being an industry leader in the shoe market in particular. A golden handshake between Bil Bowerman and Phil knight began the era of Nike over 5 decades and what it is today. Nike has adopted a differentiation focus by implementing what Nike call a consumer focused category strategy.

Nikes business strategy is committed to providing the most innovative products around the world to athletes and consumers across the globe. Nike carries an arsenal of products that allow the company to continue growth through increased market place capacity and penetration with decisions that involve outsourcing manufacturing to low-cost areas in the world, investing in research and development of innovative products and aggressive marketing strategies that are beyond conventional. Their consumer focused strategy enhances gives them great leveraging ability to deliver great product and elevated consumer experiences which will help grow the NIKE Brand.

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