No choice to save land for endangered animals

Nowadays, land supply is one of the critical world problems, which is considered carefully before using that limited land. People transform natural landscapes to human landscapes for farmland, housing, and industry, and it makes many serious problems to wildlife species. Especially to endangered animal, they will lose their shelters and face the end of their kinds. However, there is no choice for tremendous requirements of mankind. There are some main reasons to figure that people need to alter natural landscapes more important than to save for endangered animals. Most importantly, due to the world population keeps increase every year, people need more land to support their lives. In this case, housing issue is a very serious problem of almost every nation. For the large number of population, people cannot live in their limited places, and they need to find proper places to live in. For example, houses in cities are so expensive, that some people cannot afford, so they have the alternative of buying another place. Furthermore, land is needed for cultivation. According to urbanizations, farms which close to towns are lost, so it doesn’t have enough farms to produce food for people. Thus, some parts of forests are cut down for productivities of farmlands.

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These basic needs are unlikely to shorten but grow endlessly. In another point, human ambitions are not only for their living but also for their developments. In contemporary view, every country has their prospective goals to improve industrial factor that lead to use more land. Since industrial countries are rich and powerful, most developing countries are eagerly follow by trying to absorb as many as possible of investments to gain profit by changing investment climate. For instance, Cambodia tries to attract foreign ventures by providing land and reducing some strict conditions such as allowing foreign shareholders to buy up properties and so on. Last but not least, people need to facilitate their lives with tools and equipments. Similarly, light and heavy industry are grown beneficially in every country, and no one is able to restrict the industrial actions. In short, all these points cannot be omitted according to their functions. Human needs for farmland, housing, and industry are really necessary, and people do not have choice to save land for endangered animals.

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