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Celebrity and fame don’t affect all relationships equally; some individual’s relationships are positively affected while others are affected negatively. Some individuals are easily influenced by fame and let it influence their relationships. Brain Caswell shows these ideas in the novel “Asturias” in the novel it is about a group being formed to make music and to make it in the world of fames. The song by Ed Sheeran’s You Need Me is about the singer ready to enter fame and is determined to make it. The trailer for Almost Famous is about a boy entering a new world full of celebrities.

Asturias explores how fame can affect a celebrity’s relation both positively and negatively. In Asturias fame creates opportunities for individuals to form new relations or enhance old ones. Max desire to, “assemble a band…. With image and substance” reveals how fame gives the group members (Alex, Chrissie, Marco, Tasha and Tim) opportunity to meet each other and form new relationships. This idea also highlights Tim’s observation how, “you have more friends than ever” when you become famous. Celebrities have more fans and meet more celebrities of which they have idolised. It affects their relations towards the band members in their group. Ed Sheeran’s song You need me, also shows how fame can give more opportunities and exceed in life through the use of metaphor in the line “more greener pastures”.

Likewise the trailer for almost famous also supports the notion that fame can create new relationships as the main character is introduced to rock stars and befriends them. This is emphasised when the main character is shown in a mid shot at the start of the trailer. With an upbeat song playing in the background highlighting his vulnerability and how he is starting the journey to fame. This vulnerable shot contrast with later shots where he is singing with the band members in their bus showing that his joined their group. Fame may create opportunities however it can put strains in relationships.

Fame can create opportunities for forming new relationships or enhancing old relationships, in the trailer almost famous it shows the main character in a mid shot with an up beat song playing in the background showing his vulnerability and leading on through the trailer he starts his journey to fame. He starts to experience the ride that everyone dreams for. These relations are affect by fame because they shown they are alone and they begin to make new friends such as rock stars and celebrities and they being to have friendships with. In the line by Ed Sheeran, “move to greener pastures,” he uses metaphor to show that he wants to go far and exceed in life. Fame gives him more opportunities to exceed in life and it brings new opportunities in his life. Also in Asturias the line “ you have more friends then ever”, it shows how there are also new people entering in your life. New relationships are made and fame gives them these opportunities. Lastly fame gives you the dream. It’s a cliché it gives you the opportunity to exceed in life and try new things and do the thing you love.

Fame puts strain on old relationships epically with friends and family or can make it difficult to make new (real) friends. Such as in almost famous “rock starts have steeled my son”, the imagery of fame taking away her son, it affects the mums and sons relationship negatively because her son is to caught up on all the glitz and glamor. The mum knows these people are fake and don’t really care about the son. It also puts a strain in the mums and son relationship as the mother is loosing her son and they are distant. In relation, in Asturias the motif of the “brass ring” communicates the idea that fame and celebrity is not what it looks like it seems perfect and it everything you imagine it is gold in our eyes. Marco’s realises this when his dad wants to come back into the picture again, his dad just wants his money and doesn’t want him for all the other things.

Marcos relations ship is like the brass ring. It looks like gold when his dad wants him but he starts to realise that his dad’s just brass and the idea of him really wanting to know him was an illusion. Brian Caswell outlines that fame has a positive and negative aspects as evident in the line, “with one hand it gives you the dream, with the other it takes a subtle payment”, where juxtaposition and imagery displays how fame is not always beneficial and always has a price. It shows how it can affect the relationships with your family and friends. You start to feel disconnected but you are making new friends however these friends may be untrustworthy and won’t be they’re when you stuff up. As you see fame has influenced these relationships in a negatively way.

Keeping relationships intact while being famous requires hard work and a good support system plus you need to stay connected to the real world. In the song, You Need Me by Ed Sheeran in the line, “from day one I’ve been prepared”, the composer shows that he’s ready to entre fame, he’s ready to live the lifestyle of socialising, paparazzi, criticism and fake friends. He is ready to live in that negative environment which may affect his relation towards him self. Also in this line the rhythm is fast and up beat, he’s also rapping he uses this to show that fame is constantly fast you got to keep in track and your constantly have to keep putting yourself out their until you make it. In the line, “the light at the end of the tunnel was beginning to look less and less like an on-coming train”. Brian Caswell does this to show how their seems to be more hope and that the dream can actually happen, through the use of illusion. It shows how fame affected the group’s relationship positively because they had a good support system and they stay connected to the their family and friends.

Fame affects relationships by changing their lifestyle and world. It changes their lifestyle and world because new people entre your life such as fans. You loose your close friends because fame start to take over your life and usually your friends say remember me when you’re famous, because they know their going to loose you. You have a new status to live up to and you have are more restricted with your life. Your lifestyle change to glamorous fast paced, luxurious and wealthy. Your confidence grows and you are also placed in a new environment that surrounds you with expectations and partying and drugs and alcohol.

In conclusion celebrity and fame can affects relations based on the person and the relationships on the others. Fame can affect them on the way they think about life by achieving their goals and knowing that anything can happen. However it also can impact their life by changing it around and influencing them to a false world and change their whole persona on life. Celebrity and fame can impact many relations it all depends on the individual and the way they look on to fame.

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