nt1330 unit 7 assinment1

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1 March 2016

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TO: Business Manager
FROM: IT Consultant
I can understand how you concerned with your company’s security after all information on competitors can be invaluable or very harmful to a company and this is why it must be protected from prying eyes. This does not have to mean that you have to lose production over trying to secure your networks information. An easy measure like user names and passwords can be used to protect less sensitive information but how strong you make those usernames and passwords can have a significant effect on how well your information is protected. I will give you some tips on how to better secure your network with the tools that you already have at hand, keep in mind that you can also buy better security items to better protect you network things like; smart card, finger print scanners, retinal scanners, etc. but I only recommend these for really sensitive information and only for certain users in your company.

On the server that is the DC log in to the administrator account and in the Active Directory Users and Computers in the Domain icon in the left pane click on the users icon, you’ll be able to see all of the users in that domain. From here you can click on any user and make changes as necessary, for user names I recommend you use the following format; using capital and lower case letters the first letter of their name, their whole last name and their employee number, ex. “CCbattle1234@Domain*%#.Local” if someone hack the account and all that they knew the person name and the domain name they could not get in because it is very unlikely that they would know that person employee number and if they do then you have a spy in your company. As for passwords I recommend that they be alpha numeric and what this means is that they should be at least eight characters long, be composed of upper and lower case letters, should contain at least one number and one special character.

Best Regards, IT Consultant

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