Nursing Dilemmas

There is a set of regulations or guidelines that guide the behavior of nurses in a clinical set up. These are responsibilities towards the patients and other workers in the organization. One of the clinical dilemmas encountered when genetic test made on a case reveal a high risk of development of a medical challenge such as breast cancer. The indecisiveness comes in when as a nurse is deciding on how to handle the situation and how to break the news the patient. Some nurses and physicians will recommend regular screening and, on the other hand, others will propose surgical interventions. There will be a set of uncertainties but using the Ustaal’s nine steps of coming to a moral decision will help solve the situation. Identifying the dilemma is the first step toward realization of the best decision. It involves determining the type of a dilemma whether clinical or legal (Davis, 2010).

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Identifying the potential outcomes of a decision made will enable one to know the best option that will have least effects on the patient. The nurse should be able to guide the patient on the implication of either having regular checks or taking a breast surgery. By reviewing the ethical codes guiding that kind of a situation, will be helpful in following the clearest moral code. A nurse is also supposed to consider various actions that can be taken towards the situation and decide the most appropriate way to communicate them to the client. It is vital to list the possible consequences of choosing a particular course of direction towards solving the experienced dilemma and as a registered nurse one will have the best knowledge on what path to follow. Finally, a nurse will chose the best course of action, involve the patient in the decision through soliciting clients inputs in the decision and eventually, the implementation of the strategy will take place.

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