Objectification of women

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24 February 2016

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Should prostitution be legalised and monitored or illegal and unmonitored?

Main Arguments

Primoratz “what’s wrong with prostitution?” ( Vol. 68, No. 264, Apr., 1993 )

Nussbaum “taking money for bodily services”

Yolanda Estes “moral reflections on prostitution”


The philosophy of sex contemporary readings, Alan Soble and Nicholas.P.Power, Rowman & Littlefield, Jan 1, 2002

Prostitution and pornography: “philosophical debate about the sex industry”

Charges against prostitution: an attempt at a philosophical assessment, Chicago journals, Vol. 90, No. 3, Apr., 1980 Lars.O.Ericsson

Introduction and thesis

I will clearly state how my argument will be structured for prostitution through the various articles and philosophers I have studied. I shall also outline how I will come to my conclusion.


An outline of my basic arguments will be presented with supporting sub arguments, these will include all the above references. I will use both Primoratz and Nussbaum to back up my conclusion. I will then evaluate and analyse their arguments in order to further support my view for prostitution. Then I will look at views that are opposed to the legalisation of prostitution through Yolanda Estes who defends Kantian ethics. After evaluating this I will come up with various responses.


Look at objections I was unable to argue against as lack of space, also look at my overall argument and see implications of accepting the conclusion.

Essay plan

Although we are sometimes justified in withdrawing or withholding life sustaining treatment for someone who is terminally ill and suffering, we could never be justified in killing such a person? Critically discuss the claim?


Define what passive and active euthanasia are and their basic differences, Discuss the various arguments that you will look at and show your point of view for the essay State the part of the world that you will be discussing, both the us and uk

Main body

Body will be split into two main arguments, my first argument will discuss the moral difference between killing and letting a person die. I will use various references and examples from the articles and books noted. My argument will attempt to show that their can be no yes or no answer to the question as each case is very specific and should be taken on its own merits and not by one law. I will then look at various examples where courts have both ruled for and against passive and active euthanasia, critically discussing the decisions and as to weather they were morally permissible. I will then attempt to add a philosophical standpoint such as utilitarianism or Kantian ethics to further prove my original argument. After this I will also add counter arguments and attempt to provide possible responses in order to strengthen my argument.


Here I will summarise my viewpoint and show various arguments that I may have added if I had more space. I will then attempt to finish my essay with a quotation from one of the various articles that both agrees with and summarises my stance.

Books and articles
Euthanasia and physician assisted euthanasia, (Gerald Dworkin, Cambridge University Print, August 28 1998) Euthanasia: a reference handbook Jennifer Fecio Mcdougall, Martha Gormen, 2008) Euthanasia: death with dignity and the law, Hasel Biggs, Hart publishing, jan 1, 2008) Ncbi.nlm.nih.gov (why active euthanasia should be allowed, article, 2001, navlo, Brithish medical journal)

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