On dumpster diving

The Essay “ On Dumpster diving “, by Lars Eighner is based on a man who tells his story as a homeless man and his dog named lizbeth. Not only does he explains his strategies living out of dumpsters, but also the lessons he has learned form it. By reading his essay, we could tell that the appearances can be deceiving and we should not always judge people by their faces. Eighner was always impressed with dumpsters, before he started dumpster diving. He began dumpster diving a year before he became homeless. He used all his income for his rent and all of life necessities from dumpsters. He was well set with a house and suddenly became homeless. He developed a lot of experience in choosing which food is safe to eat and which is not. Eighner started it by three principles, common sense, knowing the dumpsters and checking them regularly, and seeking always to answer the question, “ Why was this discarded.” He could not bear waste of food. He used to check the garbage and send the items to recycle, which could be used again. He really knew the importance of food and how to save it and not get wasted. From time to time, he began to learn to avoid game, poultry, pork, fish and leftovers because they get spoiled easily and are also unhealthy. Eighner also discovered colleges and mentioned that students do not appreciate food and throw out many good things including; yogurt, cheese, sour cream, etc. Eighners also mentions that general people throw away good stuff, Most of them are expensive, but he only collects things, which are useful, and the things he could use immediately. In conclusion, eighner has learned a lot as a scavenger. He mentions that he can compare himself to the wealthy person because he knows the value of things. He seems to view all the people as “ Rat race millions” as for the people who want everything regardless of whether they need it or not. One could be definitely wrong about eighner ‘s appearances. We should not always judge people by their appearances.

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