Organizational Learning: Creating, Retaining and Transferring Knowledge

Organizational Learning

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            The modern corporate world is dynamic due to the ever changing business environment globally. To maintain the relevance and competence of firms in this conditions, organizational learning becomes handy and helpful for sustainability(Argote, 2011). Learning in organizations is the development of the labor force to upgrade their skills to match with the changes in business operations. It is a continuous process since change happens as times and seasons change. Therefore, organization learning is an important aspect for any business to thrive in the modern times.

            Organizational learning improves the competencies of individual employees. They acquire new skills and knowledge on tackling contemporary issues in business(Beitler, 2012). This makes the employees able to tackle business activities with boldness due to their enhanced professionalism.

            Learning is also important because it leads to dynamic leadership in the organization. The management is able to lead with inspiration for positive change in the company. This leads to improved management-employee relationships by enhancing learning and flow of important information across the organization.

            Continuous learning encourages team building in firms since the employees feel the importance of everyone’s contribution towards the achievement of the company’s goals. Employees are trained to perform other roles apart from their assigned ones. In the event of absence, another employ can stand for the absent one and hence teamwork(Argote, 2011).

            Learning and change have a great impact on employees of a given organization. Learning enhances working relationships between employees of different departments who mingle during the training sessions. Change helps individual to navigate the hierarchy of the organization(Beitler, 2012). When one employee is promoted due to advanced skills, another person gets promoted to take up his position and hence a positive impact on one another.


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