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The relationship between Indians and English was very controversial. They both had plans to assert their interests but led the English to be victorious. Initially, there was a good relationship between English and Indians but it would be changed drastically. The English brought different thing with them to the new world. They brought with them diseases like plague and smallpox which Indians were not immune to. The English also brought weapons Indians wouldn’t have ever thought about of. They came very well prepared with guns and mechanical weapons while Indians had poor resources, able to only flight with arrows and bows. Being peaceful the Indians wanted no violence to erupt with the English. When the English came to the new world they wanted to dominate as much as they could. The English were trying to take over land from the Indians. They wanted to have more land so they could have more plantations for their tobacco. As time flew by, the English fully established their presence in the new world. It was clear that they were here to stay and their impact was still to come. Over time they were creating a new society, and they were pushing away the Indians form their lands.

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Although Indians may have wanted to do something there wasn’t so much they could actually do. They were being outnumbered they were dying because of diseases and the lack of resources, it would be impossible to stop the English. By the 1600’s, as Indians had moved deeper into the west, laws were being created in the new English society that helped to get better. The Virginia house of burgesses, in 1619, enacted ways to stabilize the foundation of the new world by trying to convert the Indians into Christianity. The English hoped to accomplish this by acquiring native children and hoping to educate them in Christianity. They did this more with young boys to try and brainwashing them in the religion and educate them. This may have worked to gain the English ore support from Indians. Furthermore, as much as Indians were trying to be peaceful many English would turn their back on them. Document b an Englishmen recalls a day in 1622 were Indians were trying to trade with them in a peaceful way. This shows a technique Indians were trying use to have peace with the English.

Thing always turn out bad for the Indians there was brutal wars between the Indians and English. Like the Pequot war of, 1637 which was alliances within in the colonies against alliances within Indian tribes but of course Indians lost because of the English’s military tactics. There were many other wars between these two like the Powhatan war which was three battles but the war ended in peace. As years went by, with all the Indians dying, the English were becoming a bit fond of the Indians. In 1677 a governor that wanted to protect the Indians was the center of riots and infuriated citizens (doc. E). Then the governor sought to trade with the Indians secretly which treated him much better than his own people. In conclusion, although Indians were peaceful people that did not deserve to get what they got from the English, they were taking advantage of and sabotaged. In the 1600’s continuing into the 1700’s, the English- Indian relation may have enhanced slightly, but majorities of the time English were cruel to the Indians.

The Indians when trying to make peace they were murdered , their home would get destroyed , they would die of diseases, and they were outnumbered in power because of English’s better technology and techniques that took over Indian land. More so, the English were victorious because of technology, they were more organized, and the need they have to take over land. Also they were facing a group of people that didn’t want violence.

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