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There are over two thousand drug courts in America, each one specializing in its own level of drug abuse. A drug court’s primary role is to handle cases with offenders of substance abuse. They offer offenders an opportunity to enter a rehabilitation program in lieu of sentenced jail time. The road to recovery is of course challenging and difficult, making the drug courts so strict and costly. Drug courts were generally created for non-violent drug abusers. Although these offenders are given the chance to avoid jail time they are extremely supervised by the court officials. Drug tests, substance abuse treatment, must make regular appearances in court and constant checkups are required to continue in the program. These offenders’ cases are usually dismissed due to their involvement in the program or their sentence is only shortened. Participation in these programs are completely voluntary and if qualified to enter, the offender must agree to complete all the tasks given and report to every summoning from the court.

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If an offender doesn’t complete the program, they can be prosecuted or their sentence will be revised and will be placed in jail. Drug courts are considered one f the most effective ways to eliminate drug abusers and avoiding incarceration. While in the program offenders are monitored and results of every drug court case is very astonishing, but the long term effect of these cases are beyond the rulings of the court. It is not known if those who participated in the programs continued their lives drug free. These courts have been examined and tested to see if the results justify the cost of the program. The operations evaluated such as the number of participants, referrals issued, and drug court graduates. The cost savings of processing the offenders through the program instead of straight jail time, and results compared with those who have been completed their sentenced jail time as opposed to those in the programs. The therapeutic jurisprudence theory supports these courts, focusing on the impact that these laws create on a human’s physiological and emotional well-being.

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