The Negative Effects of Child Care on Child Development

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17 October 2015

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Parent care


            Parent or child care is where parents take appropriate measures to ensure that children grow in environment where their emotional, social and educational needs are considered. The early stage of a child’s life is critical for cognitive, emotional and social developments. Parenthood is a task that requires full time dedication since children require more attention. Parenting also requires a lot of skills and energy to understand children wants which makes them happy and comfortable. Children also require time to talk and play with their parents which makes them feel appreciated. Poor parenting makes the children feel abandoned and unwanted since children miss an opportunity to interact with their parents.

            Household chores such as cooking and washing are very vital to parents, also making children joyful and relaxed. Professionals suggest that parents should engage their children in household work. This makes children to feel that they participate in small chores. This will as well hasten the communication involving parents and children and the care will remain integral. Child development depends on secure affection to a principal caregiver. Child development is one of the most significant stages in a kid’s life and if the stage is not handled in an appropriate manner, the child is likely to face social and emotional suffering.

            Parents are left with the task of balancing between office work and their responsibility at home. This is not an easy task though, but it involves prioritizing and preplanning the works which will help the parent have an easy time to balance between family life and office life. Parents should ensure they have ample time with their children whenever they are at home. They can also take children for an outside dinner or shopping. This occasions help to maintain the affectionate rapport between parents and their children. The parent can ask the children to suggest as they purchase household items and also buy them sweets and gifts. Parents should have conversations with their children whenever they get time to interact. They should ask them about their personal issues, studies among other things which will make feel that their parents are concerned in all phases of their life.

            Parent or child care involves coping with the children behavior, however it includes correcting and showing appropriate mode of conduct. The parents should not complain express anger or work related tensions to their families. This will make the children feel like they are the cause of pain and trouble to their parents and they may gradually shift away their emotions from their parents. Parent care also involves considering the health of the children since small kids are susceptible to sicknesses such as fever, pneumonia, colds among others. Parents should also guide their children in their early ages as they gradually become independent. Children tend to rebel from their parents, try new behaviors from peers of the same sex as they grow up. Parental guidance and care become more necessary since children are likely to make serious mistakes from the peer influence. Parents should also identify behavioral and learning disabilities from their children since some of these problems can get worse if they are not handled properly. Research shows that children who grow in families where development needs are not met are at greater risk of delays in either language or learning among other areas.

            Research reveal that kids who grow in families rich in literacy and learning interactions and additional opportunities to listen and use language easily acquire the necessary skills in their early childhood years. Parents are the kid’s primary and very crucial teachers. Parents should also provide their children with opportunities to interact with other people. This is one of the reasons why some children fear to go to school since they do not know how to make new friends. Good parental care will help children develop social skills such as leadership, compromise and co-operation which are very vital in child development. Research shows that parental gradual exposure to social situations helps kids to face their worries and anxieties. Good parental care will not only help the child to have good social skills, but it will also help them have self-confidence.

            Parent can also help the child to speak through practice dialogue at home via regular conversations. For example, parents can ask open-ended questions to test their kid’s response. Through listening and sympathizing, parents show their emotional concern to their children. In addition putting jokes in conversations makes the conversation lively as well as lightening up the child mood. This will endorse child’s verbal expression and creativity. Through frequent talks, reads and singing to babies, parent can create a solid foundation for glossary and understanding. This helps the children at school since they can be learn the meaning of a word easily and be able to remember their meanings. Parent can improve a child’s word capacity by spending more time with the child. Children need a lot of practice reading which necessitate parent assistance.

            There are several forms of care which include health care, appearance care, education care and cleanliness care. These different aspects of care manifest themselves in outside care and in home care. In home care is whereby parents show their care to the children at home since home is the initial step for the children to learn happiness and love. Home care is the most significant care step. On the other hand, outside cares is taking care of children from the society and protect them from harm. Parent care becomes more necessary as children grow since the responsibilities become more. In most cases mothers provide moral care while fathers provide safety and physical care. However, both parents should take care of their children in all phases of life. Parental care is complete when both parents are involved with children affairs. Parents provide different quantity of care and thus children require care from both parents. Parent care is not only providing for the child expenses, feeding the child, clothing or providing shelter, but parent care is showing affection and having time with the children to understand their physical, social and emotional needs.

            In conclusion, parent care is very crucial to the child development. Parent is the child’s first teacher. There are various forms of care; health care, cleanliness care, appearance and education care. These forms of care are very necessary to the child especially if both parents are involved. Parent care will make the child to feel appreciated and loved. This improves the relationship between parent and child since the affection remain intact. However care should not be exaggerated since it will spoil the child. Excessive care makes the children to be irresponsible and increases the child’s dependency to the parent. Thus parents should provide appropriate care to their children.


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