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I am the Marketing Manager of Parker Dollar Days (PDD), and it’s our pleasure to bring forth our company to different countries, who would like to have stores that are familiar with the US. Parker Dollar Days is a variety store that provides reasonable merchandise options at bargain prices. The business is a retail establishment selling current dollar variety merchandise at retail. The majority of the merchandise is priced within a one-dollar price range, thus attracting the widest possible range of customers. We are located in South Carolina and have had requests asking if we would think about opening up several stores overseas just because of the products and service that we have equipped within our store. I believe that Parker Dollar Days will provide the public with a unique and innovative store that will cater to the needs of those on low incomes, elderly and they families as well. PDD will provide a customer base that will allow it to be self-sufficient. Parker Dollar Days have two objectives:

1. We will provide a wide range of merchandise as bargain prices. 2. To be an active member in the communities and provide the best products and services.

Parker Dollar Days will provide a variety of merchandise at bargain prices. We will be dedicated to customer and give patrons the kind of service that is respectful and prompt. Our employees will also be treated in a professional manner with a rewarding work environment. PDD wants our customers to feel as though they are given high price services and products at a bargain reasonable price. PDD will sell a variety of quality discount merchandise. The types of merchandise we will carry will include items such as dishware, household goods, toys, cosmetics, candy, dry foods items, greeting cards, and a list of other items as well. Our staff will be dedicated to providing excellent customer service. PDD will provide high quality merchandise at a discount price range to its customers. Since the majority of its items offered will be in the one-dollar price range, PDD will be able to maintain its competitiveness. The merchandise will be purchased from a variety of well-known manufacturers such as Procter & Gamble, General Mills, American Greetings, as well as a number of other generic branded companies. Shipments of the products will arrive on a daily basis and we will continue to find new product lines that can be added to the inventory. PDD will offer a wide selection of general merchandise priced at only one dollar. Having over 25,000 different items to choose from for its inventory selection insures that PDD will be able to maintain a full and diverse inventory for its customers. Parker Dollar Days we expect sales to increase steadily as consumers find they can purchase a variety of quality items at bargain prices. We intend to tap into the retail market with pricing that will encourage quantity buying, and our pricing will attract consumers on fixed and low income.

Our target market will be the lower income, elderly, and many whom are price conscious and looking to find a value for their dollar. These stores allow consumers to buy products in bulk and get more products for their money. PDD intends provide affordable shopping alternatives to working class families with income under a certain amount, for elderly people on fix and low income and everyone else who likes to spend their money wisely. We expect this market to grow after consumer’s uses the products we offer and see they it’s worth the price of paying for. We constitute to the general public who are looking for affordable merchandise at bargain price. We will focus on the price conscious consumer who is looking for value as well as quality. The groups will be marketed to as they are isolated to which do most of their shopping in the store. If we can attract and keep these consumers the word will spread about what our store has to offer. Discount stores are what most elderly and low incomes families are looking for in this economy, because they provide a large selection of bargain-priced items. Our consumers demand quality customer service, fair pricing and a convenient location, for the low income families and elderly.

Parker Dollar Days uses a strategy of total market service. Our promise is in the location and the products we sell, the people we attract, and the atmosphere we create. We will present a store that is pleasant to shop in with a large variety merchandise to choose from. More important we aren’t just selling merchandise, but we are also selling ourselves. We want to provide the kind of customer service that will provide an atmosphere that creates a positive shopping experience for our customers. Our strategic assumptions are to every person with income limitations or on a fixed income is a potential customer and marketing to these segments of the population that will lead to an expansion in overall market growth. Our location is very important edges because we want to be in a place where our customers want have a hard time trying to locate us. We want to be in an around that has a high appeal to many different kind of consumers. Another competitive edge we will have over our competition is the large variety of merchandise we will carry. With the sources we are working with it will be possible to carry many name brand items at discount price. Add a staff committed to providing great customer service and PDD store will be an attractive stop for the consumer. Parker Dollar Days will benchmark our objectives for promotion and selling. We will focus on our marketing effort on the community of consumers that want a store which has a variety of merchandise at bargain prices. We will implement a strategy that treats these customers as a community. This means our marketing resources will be centered on both sales promotions and personal sales. We will stay within our marketing budget and marketing promotions will be consistent with the mission statement. We expect to experience a steady growth throughout our first year even though we are a new business enterprise. As we become more familiar to the public we expect to gain more market share and would like to see progressive growth. The PDD, with an aggressive marketing approach expects to increase its share of the market by offering a unique option to discount shopping.

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