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To provide the highest level of personal care (toileting, bathing etc) and attention to residents, following individual care plans carefully and ensuring that all contact is polite, friendly warm and supportive. To act as a key worker for a named group of residents, ensuring that these responsibilities are carried out in full (as defined in the training manual). To understand and comply with all statutory and legal requirements which are relevant such as Health & safety, COSSH, all aspects of the health & social care Act, to maintain a safe enviroment throughout the home. Understand and have an awareness of infection control. To always be alert to residents physical and mental well being, immediately reporting and changes in a residents condition to a senior person on duty, and to accurately maintain and update residents records as required.

To respect and maintain confidentiality of residents personal information at all times, this includes residents behaviour and actions and any incidents that may occur in the course of day to day care. Be understanding and patient towards residents and their needs, and encourage, assist and support residents to participate in lesiure activities as appropriate to the individual, ensuring their social and emotional needs are met. This also includes escorting residents to outside appoinments and leisure outings. Responsible for making and changing bed, tidying residents rooms (with the residents permission) undertaking light cleaning duties as needed and generally assisting in ensuring that the Home is kept clean, pleasant and wecoming at all times.

Helping to serve meals and drinks at meal times and other times when required, taking care to present meals and refreshment in an attractive way, with polite and courteous service. Also, to provide the appropriate level of support and helping new team members as appropriate, ensuring that the Care Home is a friendly and supportive working enviroment.

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