Personal Trainer

1. What options does Personal Trainer have for developing a new system? What are some specific issues and options that Susan should consider in making a decision Creating a web site that allows members to login and access information about their personalized fitness program. Susan needs to do some research and find out what internet development environments she wants to use such as web sphere or .net by Microsoft. Susan needs to look at the similarities and differences between the old and new center.

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2. Susan has been asked to prepare a system requirements document and deliver a presentation to the management team. What should be the main elements of the system requirements document? Susan needs to create a document that includes an introduction, summary, findings, recommendations, time and cost estimates, expected benefits and an appendix, and maybe to also include charts, graphs, and/or other helpful visuals in the document to support her presentation.

3. Based on the suggestions in Part A of the Systems Analyst’s Toolkit, what visual aids should Susan use during her presentation?

Susan should use power point as a visual aid, some flip charts, overhead transparencies, videos, slides, to improve her presentation. She should also prepare a contingency plan in case anything was to happen to her presentation.

4. Susan wants to prepare a presentation that will calculate the total cost of ownership for the system. What financial analysis tools are available to her, and what are the advantages (and possible disadvantages) of each tool?

Payback Analysis – is the process of determining how long it takes an information system to pay for itself. The time it takes to recover the systems cost is called the payback period. Susan Can use this tool to see how long it will take to recoup her costs.

Return on Investment (ROI) – percentage rate that measures profitability by comparing the total net benefits (return) received from a project to the total costs. Susan can use this tool to calculate how long it will take to see a return on her investments Net Present Value (NPV) – This tool will

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