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Believe it or not, according to, about 3,000,000 teens drop out of high school each year. That’s approximately 7,000 a day. This is not only hurting their success and the amount of money they can earn, but also the economy of the entire United States. Although some people might think every teen should be able to make the decision to drop out or stay in high school themselves, but teens need to realize the consequences that come with dropping out. When you’re is a young teen you may not be thinking about how your decisions can affect your future, without a high school education you cannot attend college, this will make it harder for you to find a high paying job, let alone a job at all. II. Need Step A. When a person is a young adolescent, they’re thinking about now, not the future, and they may regret the decision to drop out later.

●Most of the teenagers that end up dropping out of high school are thinking about how much they don’t want to be at school or how they cannot handle the workload.

●Sometimes teens have actual trouble in school and going to regular high school isn’t the best option, but they still need to get an education somehow, even if its online classes. In other cases, teens just don’t want to go to high school, and that’s their reasoning for dropping out. They aren’t thinking about their future.

●According to State Representative Martha Waltz of Boston, few, if any, 16 year olds have the wisdom and knowledge to understand the lifelong consequences of ending their high school education at 16

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