Point of Sale System

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20 March 2016

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Technology nowadays is fast changing and new machines are developed in order to make job faster and convenient. Technologies often have an important role to play and the key to success in competing the world. Automation is designed to maximize efficiency, convenience and quality service offered. It is undeniable that automation is a lot faster compared to the traditional way of doing a job that requires much effort. Computer Base Testing /Exam is a method of administering the test in which the responses are electronically recorded and assessed. Today we are living in a modern world, leading businesses or any other type of company institutions use system that would help benefit their business. Having a system in a business/ institutions proves to be helpful in many ways.

In the field of education, implementation of computerized based system that stored, process allows a user to manipulate data easily and its speed of performance incomparable that affected our way of working is seldom applied by school here in Philippines. Technologies have become widespread that even simple tasks are resorted to be done with the aid of these powerful scientific inventions. Through the innovativeness and technical knowledge possessed by men, computers are making revolutionary changes in the way people live, play and work. The contribution of computers in the business fields has been undeniably strong and effective. To perform a complex and tedious work in a very effective manner could be attributed to a computer because of its usefulness like storing, retrieving, and clever of processing information.

The microcomputer and development of various software are not just for scientific and engineering use as well as for business purposes made a significant impact on the computer industry. The demand for them grew rapidly when people realized that to make better

decision or solve problem, it could be found at the tip of one’s fingers at the quickest time possible. Without us noticing it, our world has been innovated by technology in all possible ways this millennium. People have been replaced by robots, tasks have been made easier by different software, and newly developed technologies have been updated even before it has been introduced to most of the world, and much more, faster than our imagination could catch. These innovations aim to better utilize the existing resources and maximize their uses to be able to bring out new or better products or results. Different institutions have been seeking different form of innovations to their current system for better service to their customers since customer’s satisfaction should always be placed as first priority in whatever business.

This strategy is also to maintain their competence in the market, considering the growing number of businesses, establishments and institutions seeking for trust and patronage from customers. Academic institution is of the many organizations which greatly adopts and embraced technological innovation. Many schools have come up with their unique websites in order to create a projection of being competent as an institution, considering that competency nowadays is based on technology. The projection that this innovation brings is simply a greater chance of having more applicants for enrollment year-in and year-out. Computerization is synonymous to the word automation which is the act of implementing the control with equipment with advanced technology, which usually involves using electronic hardware. It also implies the replacement of human workers with machines. (FARL, 2012) An information system describe how the people and information technology communicates and interacts with each other in the sense that users used this for their every transaction, to support business processes and the top managers decisions making.

Traditionally organizations in our country manage access communicates and share information in a manual manner. Academic establishment like schools use various paper materials and pens to process the manual entrance examinations. In this new era, there are institutions using automated entrance examinations system while other still depend on the manual procedures. A database –management system is a collection of interrelated data that and a set of programs to access those data. The collection of data, usually refers to as the database, contains information relevant to an enterprise.

Database systems are designed to manage large bodies of information. Management of data involves both defining structures for storage of information and providing mechanism for the manipulation of information. In addition, the database system must ensure the safety of the information stored, despite system crashes or attempts at unauthorized access. If data are to be shared among several users, the system must avoid possible anomalous results. Because information is so important in most organizations, computer scientist have developed a large body concepts and techniques for managing data.

Entrance examination is commonly used in universities enable for the university to accept the examinees as a student to the course chosen by the examinee. By the use of entrance examinations, examinees are being tested to the fullest by answering the exam within a limit. With regards to the entrance examinations in University of Batangas – Lipa Campus uses a traditional way of implementing on entrance exam normally examinees are given a questionnaire sheet and an answer sheet followed by answering the exam manually by using a pencil and an answer sheet. Basically delay of enrollment of new students in school is caused by the deferment of entrance examination results. The manual checking of papers is time consuming.

However the proposed Computerized Examination System allows for fast relieve of exam results. The exam results are electronically calculated for accuracy. In order to solve the problem, the researchers propose a system that will minimize all paper works and manual checking, therefore allowing the freshman students wait for fast exam result. This result was calculated after submitting the exam. The group wants to create a computerized entrance examination to accelerate the process of checking for the result and to save the records of examinees either passed or failed. It helps the guidance officer to minimize their work and upgrade their system rather than their old and manual system.

As Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) students, the researchers chose the topic for they are interested in developing a database for the computerized entrance examination that will improve the way of giving the freshmen student an accurate and fast result of their exams. The researchers are also capable in doing the system, to enable them to apply the learning that they have learned in the previous courses and utilized their skills in developing and designing a system.

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