Policies and procedures or “agreed methods of working”

It is a legal requirement to comply with agreed methods of working. Policies and procedures or “agreed ways of working” set out how we your employer require you to work. They incorporate varied items of legislation as properly as best practice. They are there to learn and shield you, the people you support and us your employer. They allow you to supply a good high quality service working throughout the legal framework and most significantly aim to maintain you and the people you assist, safe from hazard or harm.

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To implement agreed methods of working you comply with the Policies and Procedures and the service customers care plan, the place the management of the individual’s day by day care wants are agreed and documented. It is extraordinarily necessary to have updated agreed methods of working as there could additionally be adjustments in policies within the regulation. Our firm may should implement them to help shield the weak. You have a duty to maintain service customers protected by following insurance policies, procedures and working inside your job function.

Each job title entails explicit duties and duties. Within every place there are routine tasks and activities and expectations. Individuals might be specifically skilled to perform the duties of their role. And every role involves limits. Every employee is predicted to restrict herself or himself to the same old and customary activities concerned within the success of their position. Think about what might occur should you did something that was outdoors your job position. E.G suppose you administered treatment before you had been educated, what might happen, each to your service consumer and to you? Your contract will stipulate your responsibilities.

It might result in your dismissal should you exceed your role & degree of ability when this results in gross errors.

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