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14 March 2016

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Chapter I

I. Background of the study:
* According to the study Metro Manila including Quezon City is much polluted because of the particles emitted by thousand of motor vehicles plying the streets/roads of whole Metro Manila and everyday they contribute to a large extent to the large smoky haze of the metropolis. Commuters like us students that are using jeeps, motorcycles, and other non-air-conditioned mode of transport have taken or prone to the harmful particles in the air. Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) are cancer causing pollutants chemicals that are release by the combustion process in the motor vehicles.

Other studies shows commuters, residents and including like us are exposing to the harmful toxins in the air that can cause health risks including cancer. Other cause of Air pollution that can cause to our health is smoking and the second-hand smoke around the campus area, all we know smoking is very dangerous to our health but many of us are still smoking, the smoke from their cigarettes are also can harm the health of the non-smokers around health because the smoke from their cigarettes are containing chemicals like hydrogen cyanide, Benzene, formaldehyde and etc. that can harm to the health of others. * As we know STI COLLEGE FAIRVIEW is located REGALADO Ave. and regalado avenue is one of the busy roads of Quezon City and a lot of public and private vehicle travel around our campus/ area that’s why we are prone to AIR POLLUTION and the addition of the heavy smokers.

Here are the some effects of air pollution according to DOH Fine particulate matter (PM 2.5 ) and ozone are pollutants of serious health concern in Metro Manila; ♦Motor vehicles are the major sources of particulate pollution in Metro Manila; ♦Considerable morbidity and mortality due to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases could have been prevented with better air quality in Metro Manila in 2002; ♦For every 10μg/m3 increases in PM10, incidence rates for respiratory and natural mortality increase by 2.6% and 3.9%, respectively; ♦Indoor PM10 increases as outdoor PM10 increases with cigarette smoking as significant contributor to indoor PM10 levels; ♦ Better cooking fuel quality reduces occurrence of hospital admissions.

Household using LPG as fuel for cooking has the lowest hospital admissions of 19.3% compared with those using wood (27.3%) and kerosene (25.3%). ♦ Child Health:

– Incidence of respiratory symptoms and diseases increases as level of exposure to particulate matter pollution increases; – Asthma incidence rate is 14.9 per 1,000 population in high PM10 exposure area, 11.5 in medium exposure area and 8.2 in low exposure area. – Significant risk factors for respiratory symptoms are age, indoor NO2 level, cooking fuel and educational attainment of mothers; – There is a significant improvement in blood lead levels among children in Metro Manila. In 2003, only 34.6% of study children exceeded the US Centre for Disease Control guideline value of 10 μg/dl, an improvement from the 90.3% value in 2000. ♦Adult Health:

– The type of household cooking fuel and number of smokers in the household are significant predictors of respiratory symptoms among adults; – Fine particulate pollution contributes to events of respiratory symptoms and diseases

The same study estimated the deaths in Metro Manila attributable to PM10 level above 50μg/m3 were from 230 to 390 persons



* The scope of this study is the students of STI COLLEGE FAIRVIEW and other students of OLFU that are prone to air pollution and the students that having health problems like asthma and etc. * The limitation of smoking area for the smokers is atlease 10 meters away from the campus area.

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