Potential hazards

Doors are being left open is a big hazard because it opens a various amounts of hazards such as the children walking through the nursery alone without supervision. Having a doors open can also allow people to come into the nursery which jeopardizes the safeguarding of the nursery. The nursery overcomes this by having code locks on all entrances of the nursery as well as all of the internal doors. Hazard number two: sharp objects.

In Nursery the children have a craft area and there are pots of scissors on a top a cupboard that the children can reach, this is a hazard because event thought they are safety scissors they are still sharp and can cause harm to the children. Another sharp objects that can be found around nursery can be the knifes at dinner time, they have to make sure that they are rounded and blunt in case the children dropped them on the way to their tables. Hazard number three: sockets.

As the nursery is an old building the sockets and electric works are low down so if the plug sockets do not have a safety plug in the children run the risks of shoving objects in to the sockets and electrocuting themselves. The positioning of the sockets are positioned low to the floor to prevent a trip hazard. Hazard Number four: slip hazards.

With the nursery providing drinks throughout the day and liquids there is a potential hazard of the children slipping and hurting themselves. To prevent this the nursery does regular checks of the toilet because the children wash their hands they drip their hands and they monitor the children when they have a drink. Hazard number five: hot food temperatures.

In the nursery they operate a self-serve lunch service so when they give the children the food they have to make sure that the food is not hot enough for them to burn them if they drop the food as well as when the children eat the food that it is not to hot that they burn themselves when eating the foods. During food preparation the food has to be heated to a high temperature to kill off any bacteria that can cause disease. Hazard number six: registers.

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