Problem faced by indian farmers and suggestions

Earlier there was a problem for some credit for farmers, now it is easy to some extent. So the credit is not a problem for the farmers but after production there is, because of not having adequate storage facility some perishable vegetables farmers cannot store it for longer times. So the storage facility and the transportation facilities both should be in the modern line. Actually second thing is the price, price of the produce because whenever the farmer product the price now so low so sometimes it is not remunerative business for farmers. Particularly in fruits this thing happens much because if I grow grain crops then I can store for a longer time but for the fruit crops it is not possible for me. So I have to dispose it off in any market at any price or any rate. So marketing is sometimes a problem. So if both problem solves I think farmer have a good day in future.

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I am selling through the mandis, through the regulated markets I am selling through the APMC, the agriculture produce market committee in Gujarat. But here in this regular market also there is no say for farmers. Farmers have to stand up there, there is no facility available in the local market for grading and storing. Second thing in the present market also the dalals and wholesalers have their more say than farmers, that is the problem.

Solution: According to me the solution could be – In the regulated market, the local market government should enhance the facility for storage as well as grading at the market levels so that our produce can be go for export also. There should be a platform for farmers to decide his price on that.

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